GEO Xtra Forest Pink WT-B67

One of a Designs by GEO which I always wanted to try, it was actually bought last year GEO Xtra Forest Pink WT-B67. Too bad Pink has no prescriptions, this lenses can be purchased at quite a few popular online circle lens stores. I was charmed by a beautician wearing Grey when I went for facial, gonna grab Grey soon. =X
Manufacturer: GEO Medical
Model: WT-B67
Color: Pink
Diameter: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.70mm
Lens Type: Yearly lens

Start wearing the lens without make up :)

With Make up :)

Looks quite natural~

First time trying macro mode on my camera, it's really fun~ =D

Design of the Lens Ratings
Can be improved, if you purchase GEO lenses often, you will realize sometimes the lenses dying method are different, it's super not ok if you got like one stronger color and the other one lighter in color. For example, I've bought GEO Super Angel Brown one side was in darker brown... There are somemore GEO lenses which I've seen more, the color are not well-balanced. Makes you look freaking weird too, if you have received lenses that are far too much different, it may be defected or poor dying method done, please contact your seller to resend or exchange. Luckily this pair of GEO Xtra Forest Pink lens looks still fine after wearing it on my eyes.

Comfort Level
GEO lenses are quite comfortable for me but iFairy are more comfortable, I remembered wearing my first Pair of GEO was XCK-105 14.8mm Black Circle lens, recently I noticed 14.8mm lenses are not comfy for me anymore... 15mm are still fine. For comfort level as we all have different eye shapes and sizes so is up to you to judge how comfortable it is, but if any lenses that irritates and cause immediate redness for your eyes... Please remove it immediately, because our eyes are most precious!!~

The lenses are 15mm in Diameter, 15mm are small for me but this design looks huge. It is very obvious how huge it was even without make up.

Any else Great about the Lens?
It looks quite natural, it's totally alright to wear it anytime, anywhere and matches almost any outfit you are wearing.

How long can I wear?
I would wear max 8 hours, after opened dispose about 2-3months time for hygiene-purpose. I change lenses very often for trying out new designs so I probably throw after 1 month. =X

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  1. they look gorgeous >.< I liked my grey ones but they slid around too much so eventually I just tossed them :/

    1. Thanks Hun <3

      Aw sad to hear that >_< I do realized Geo lens are quite "loose" compare to other lenses, so for some people including my friends also have the slid around feel =X

  2. Ah-- I like this series! And it's nice that it comes in different sizes from different brands (Geo's are 15 mm, G&G/Dueba's are 14.5, and I think Vassen's are 15 mm, too).

    Anyway, I always have to say that pink lenses definitely suit you. And you're correct-- these lenses in particular look very natural. o:

    Nice pic with macro mode! :] (I started using macro mode about a year ago and have never stopped. xD It is addictive, right? Haha.)

    1. Haha... Thanks Hun ^^

      You made me smile haha... Ya it's really addictive :D

  3. Awesome! I love how they look on you, cute colour ^^

  4. Gosh these make your eyes look so pretty! They also compliment your skin tone!

  5. You look so adorable, honey. That's a pretty shade of pink and I love how opaque and pigmented it is on your eyes

  6. I like the make-up you did with that lens! :D I think pink lenses would look awfully weird on my since I have super light eye color and you can see any color + pattern the lens has o.o" I'm amazed how natural it looks on you! :)

  7. i never try pink lens before,this pink lens are so pretty..suit you the best.≧^◡^≦

    1. Thanks Babe~ <3

      I think pink lens will suit you too ^^

  8. The forest series look so interesting, literally like sun rays peeking through where the color is :P

  9. wonderful lenses
    i like pink color on eyes :3

  10. Looks gorgeous on you :) I just got these ones too, I love them!

    1. Thank you Dear, I love them too maybe I will try grey or brown ones ^_^

  11. Ahh~ You are so beautiful!!! <3