[CLOSED] KinsahiYa Japanese Restaurant, City Square Johor Bahru Malaysia

Hello Dearies I guess you all might be wondering why City Square again which I just blogged recently, previous one was at my country Singapore, Sushi Tei City Square Mall. Now I am going to introduce my neighbor country, Malaysia, Johor Bahru's KinsahiYa Japanese Restaurant. It's really easy to cross over from Singapore to Malaysia JB, and the City Square JB is located beside the Malaysia Johor Bahru Customs.
Lot MB-02C, Level B1, JB City Square,
108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru.

They served us, my mommy & me. =) 
A small plate of Salad first before ordering.

Let's check out the menu what to order first. ^^

Looks like a pink shake so I decided to order this. ^^

Side dish to go with ^^

Our Sushi order =)

We ordered the Ramen Curry Set because we saw 2 Japanese Uncles speaking Japanese to each other, beside us eating the set each and it's only RM21.90 so this is super worth it.

Here comes my pink drink, Grape with Milk RM$6.90~ Taste lightly sweetened and just nice for me but tasted a little bit artificial. =X

Pumpkin Koroke RM$9.90 

The Pumpkin Koroke tasted really delicious I can taste Japanese Pumpkin inside.. Yummy~

The Ramen Curry Set only RM$21.90 comes with the Ramen and Japanese Curry with Rice. 

The Ramen soup was really clear and I prefer not so salty, but usually Japanese Ramen Soup base are quite salty. The noodle texture is not what I wanted but overall still ok.. =)

For the Japanese Curry, not up to my standard sorry to say it tasted like many Singapore food court Japanese Stall's Japanese Curry. The rice they provide is not a good grade pearl rice, you will know what I mean if you have higher expectations quality of rice. +_+ 

Couple Maki RM$18.90

The sushi is counted expensive, the mayonnaise saved their sushi rice... Not happy with the long waited sushi we had, it was served when we finished everything up and I need to ask the waiter... Taste still fine, because you can't go wrong with mayonnaise, fish eggs and some meat floss. 

Place & Ambiance
Very small and feels squeezy.

Still can eat... The Pumpkin Koroke is delicious.

A total of RM$73.80 added with 10% Service charge and 6% Gov Tax, it's quite expensive when you total up so few dishes together. 

Will I go back again?
To this outlet, I will not go back again but may visit their other Japanese Restaurants which are larger.

The No-No thing~~
Waiters and waitresses were friendly when you entered the restaurant at first, asked many times are you ready to order? But I guess they got tired of coming my table to take order, when I am ready to take order nobody responded. I need to wave so long then they see me... Some saw and act didn't saw you waving... I am very disappointed with their service, sushi was not served when it's ready, I need to ask them, "Where is my Sushi"? Then they served... 

Overall Ratings 5/10
Doesn't mean there are real Japanese customers eating in the Japanese Restaurant the food will be delicious, but mostly it will be delicious if you see real Japanese customers, for this restaurant, special I guess..  ^^

*everybody's taste and preferences are different, I am looking forward for other restaurants at Malaysia, City Square JB or KSL next time, hope to try out something yummy~ <3


  1. miam! the maki looks so freaking yumm!
    i like japanese restaurants here in luxembourg, some of them have excellent chefs!

    1. Nice babe ^^ Glad that you like japanese food too~

  2. Uwah, it all looks so yummy!! *0*
    Haha, you're making me crave Asian foods!! >U<

    1. Hehe =X

      Love your new lovely brownies baking guide Babe~ <3 <3

  3. the pink drink looks cute! And those Pumpkin Koroke look really yummy ^^

  4. I love your food posts! The food looks marvelous in every time and they are getting me hungry x'3 It would be so wonderful if I was eat out so often as you, but here it is pretty hard because this is so small place. There is no food places much... ; <

    1. Thank you Dear ^^

      Your place is so beautiful, would love to visit some day >_<

  5. the drinks look so yummy! thanks for the interesting review :) xx.

    1. Hee~ Thank you for reading Dear ^^

      Great outfits you have :)

  6. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow, I am hungry now!! T__T" Everything looks so delicious thank you for sharing! :)

    1. Hehe.. Thank you for enjoying =D

      I'm hungry again too =X

  8. oh it looks so yummy but it seems the service lacks some attitude.
    anyway nice update ^^

    1. Ya service was not good ><

      Thank you Darling~ Hope you are feeling much better now :)

  9. the food looks soooo yummy! totally drooling right now haha. sucks about the service, but at least everything's so affordable and scrumptious!


    1. Haha, right at least they are affordable~ ^^

      Love your blazer :p

  10. the food looks delicious i wish i could travel easily :p

  11. The food looks so yummy! Too bad the service wasn't as great though. I feel like often they'll rush you for your order right when you come in and I often get the same response. Leaving my table then having to flag someone down. haha Just give me a few minutes first!

    1. Haha.. I wish they don't act blur when I'm calling them =X