STEAMCREAM an Award-Winning Moisturizer

I got my special sponsored wonderful Award-Winning Moisturizer, STEAMCREAM (Babou) from Japalang Pte Ltd (JPL). Japalang is based in Singapore and they are the distributor for many world-wide consumer beauty brands in Asia. They bring in brands including CURE Natural Aqua Gel, K-Palette, STEAMCREAM, Beautyblender etc.
STEAMCREAM represents the latest concept in skincare. It is a natural, revitalising and effective moisturizer freshly handmade in Japan that is suitable for all skin-types and can be used on face, body & hands.

Using a revolutionary steam-infused manufacturing process, STEAMCREAM provides a long-lasting and intensive moisturizing effect. STEAMCREAM has pioneered the use of a steam technique to create this unique, gentle and loosely-bound emulsion. This looseness allows each ingredient to breakdown and penetrate areas of the skin that other creams find hard to reach. Plant extracts including oatmeal, orange flower water, organic jojoba and lavender oils can reach where they are needed instantly.

What makes STEAMCREAM even more unique is its packaging. This moisturizer comes in many different eye-catching and constantly changing graphic-art aluminium flushed lid tins that are designed in Japan. once sold out, these limited edition eco-friendly tins become a uniquely collectible piece of art.

STEAMCREAM is also committed to being environmentally responsible and ethically sound. Other than practising a non-animal testing policy and using only the highest quality, vegan raw materials, we also encourage customers to reuse the tins for a number of storage options.

Amazing STEAMCREAM facts:

  • STEAMCREAM was included in the goodie bags for Grammy and Emmy Awards 2010
  • Winner of the 2010 CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) UK award in Best New Everyday Skincare - Mass Market category

STEAMCREAM is a vegan face moisturizer which made using a revolutionary steam process. This makes this multi-purpose moisturizer so light yet effective that it can be used on your body and hands too! The best part of this moisturizer is its high quality & natural ingredients, including moisturizing and soothing oatmeal infusion, orange flower water and healing lavender oil etc, which makes it suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

STEAMCREAM's May - June 2012 NEW Designs
As the temperature changes and weather turns hotter, coupled with exposure to air conditioning, our complexions have really taken a toll! With this in mind we need to take extra care of our skin when the seasons change. Introduce STEAMCREAM into your beauty regime and be rest assured your skin will blossom!

STEAMCREAM's Beneficial Ingredients
Lavender Oil is used to calm and balance your skin. With a beautiful herbal scent and unique healing properties, it helps reduce inflamed or sore skin that gets aggravated by our hectic weather conditions. Orange Flower Water helps hydrate the skin and is extremely beneficial for dry and sensitive skin. Rose Absolute gives the moisturizer a divine smell and helps ease dryness and works effectively on hard skin, giving an all-over smooth body feel. Cocoa Butter is rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin E, and helps to soften and condition skin while defending it against aging. Organic Jojoba Oil helps to retain moisture in our skin and dissolve excess sebum while having wonderful soothing effects on sunburned and irritated skin.

STEAMCREAM's "6 New Limited Edition" tins depict magnificent floral and animal patterns. From the blossoming multi-colored roses of Blumen to Babou's adorable poodle in sunny yellow background these STEAMCREAM tins are the ideal beauty accessory for you.
A sweet little poodle puppy lives in a Marrakech riadh, a haven of peace behind the narrow bustling pathways. She's named after Morrocan slippers, babouches, because she loves to play with them. Come to think of it, one of mine's missing... 
*Babou is exclusively available in BHG Singapore only. Or visit BeautyCarousel.com (Free World-Wide Shipping orders above SG$89)

Eurasia features European flowers in an Asian design, combining the delights of both cultures in a calming, colourful creation.
*Eurasia is exclusively available in BHG Singapore only. Or visit BeautyCarousel.com (Free World-Wide Shipping orders above SG$89)

Blumen means flower in German. The largest flower parade in the world, the Bloemencorso Zundert in Germany, was the inspiration behind this colourful tin. Enjoy the magical moment as people adorned in floral costumes watch vibrant floats past by laden with beautiful flowers. The perfect pot for summer skincare!

Inspired by one of America's most famous blondes, a wild child leading her band with casually inviting sensuality and a scornful scarlet pout.

With beautiful chrysanthemums in pink and purple, it an ideal gift for everyone who loves flowers.

Pushing slowly onwards in the dry, dry desert... I start to feel dizzy in the never-ending terra cotta scene. A vivid large lily suddenly appears in the distance. How can there be lily in the desert? In a trance, I walk towards it but discover a flower I know not the name. I call it "Temptation of the Desert" in tribute to its mystery.

STEAMCREAM, the high quality multi-purpose moisturizer, hydrates and cares for skin where other traditionally created products cannot. The power and energy produced by bubbling steam melts and fuses ingredients together at a speed that defies most moisturizer-making methods. The force and intensity of this process allow ingredients to emulsify instantly, whilst creating a loose and gentle formulation. STEAMCREAM's handmade production technique produces a beautifully textured, light face moisturizer that breaks down instantly on contact with the skin, intensifying absorption and allowing each ingredient to penetrate most effectively.

STEAMCREAM's high quality, intensely nourishing and traceable natural ingredients, including moisturizing orange flower water, oatmeal and glycerine with organic almond and jojoba oil and cocoa butter, work both together and individually to provide deep long lasting hydration. The moisturizer is finished with a natural fragrance created from a blend of pure essential oils with healing and toning properties, making STEAMCREAM the perfect product to combat the dry skin.

The Babou design was really cute~ A tin about 75g.

Now, time to un-tape the STEAMCREAM Babou Tin ^^

Ok and let me open it =D

STEAMCREAM is white in color.

On my hand

Blending it in

After well-absorbed. :)

Next on my Leg

Start blending it in

Still blending, shows that STEAMCREAM is very moisturizing it takes sometime to be absorbed to your skin. =)

Fully absorbed, and it is well moisturized. ^^

I love the smell of STEAMCREAM, it smells like some steam spa I am having. Very relaxing scent too. Also there show no signs of irritations on my face because it can be used on sensitive skin too. My mom actually love it a lot she says STEAMCREAM is way better than all her anti-moisturizing cream... I was actually surprised to hear that! Not kidding.. =)

STEAMCREAM is SG$25.90 per Tin and right now for Singapore you can enjoy 20% Discount for GSS (Great Singapore Sales). 

Retails at selected BHG, Sasa Singapore, Nishino, Unity & BeautyCarousel.com for SG$25.90.

Overseas can purchase STEAMCREAM, CURE Natural Aqua Gel, K-Palette Products at BeautyCarousel (Free Shipping World-Wide orders above SG$89).

Every 2 months there will be new released STEAMCREAM designs, look forward also for July 2012. =)

For any further info email enquiry@japalang.sg

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  1. Ooh, SteamCream sounds really interesting!! *0*
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  2. the little container designs are very cute!


    1. Hehe yep they are very cute and there are many more designs ^^~

  3. you mean anti-aging cream? I'm pretty sure your mum isn't using anti-moisturizing cream? haha.. I've heard so many good comments on this!

    1. Haha... Ya Babe Anti-Aging cream and some of her day and night care cream. She's been telling me again and again that the steamcream now can be her 1 "tin" everything moisturizing cream =X

  4. I love the containers!!! So cute :D I'll have to try this out some time~ I like the smell of steam :)

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  6. The designs are so unique and I love the fact that it's ecofriendly!! :D

    1. I love the always new designed containers which make them so unique :)

  7. What lovely little tins-there so cute :) your lips look a nice colour what lipstick are you wearing?

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    1. Hehe Thanks Babe, I was wearing Chanel Rouge Coco 07 Chalys with Japan's Makemania Curvy Lip Silicone No. 506

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