Durian @ Southern City JB

Hello everyone ^^ Recently, it's the Durian Season!~ So catch the "King of Fruits" in Southeast Asia, will be ending late July or early August, begins during late May this year. If you love Durians "The King of Fruits", you definitely love Malaysia's Durians! The smell, the unique odor if you hate Durians, you going to hate it forever~ :( If you love Durians, you and me and everyone that loves Durians will be craving for it during the Durian Seasons~ =D

This place is located Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Southern City. If you ask for directions or taking a taxi you must tell the Taxi Driver "Giant Southern City".  I would love to introduce Singaporeans this place for Durians is because it's pretty near from the Customs, it may be not the best of the best in Malaysia but I love the Boss and the Lady Boss, they are very friendly and honest. I guess most Malaysians know where's the best of the best Durians in Malaysia. =)

The fruit stall is just outside Southern City, you have to come early to make reservations, my mom and I have been following my uncle and aunty for Durians for this Durian Seasons, the place was recommended by them and they are more of a Durian lovers than me!~
*Reservations are only for Loyal Customers, meaning you need to know the Durian Uncle in person...

The Boss say better come early if not the Durians will be sold out~ So the best timing is 1-2pm and it's true! My uncle came for the Durians more than 1 time a week, and not surprise we always met Singaporeans specially drive here for Durians!~ ^^ Last few weeks we came around 4pm to collect our reserved Durians and it was nearly sold out, of course the good ones are sold out, also saw fellow Singaporeans asking the Boss "hey you still have Durians hiding why you tell us they are sold out"? Sorry fellow friends those Durians are our reserved ones, we came earlier in the morning. First come first serve.

Southern City, No. 3 Jalan Suria 19, Taman Suria, 81100 Johor Bahru. (Fruit Stall located outside shopping centre)

A kind person recorded How to drive to Southern City on Youtube, you can view the link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYL0hZJQIMo
The carpark is quite big for parking. ^^ Durians sold out very fast so go early if you want to purchase. They are open from 10am - 10pm for other Fruits. =D

We went for Durians again just yesterday, friendly Boss opened Durians for us to taste too, you can ask him to open for you to try and of course it's included in your purchase total up. But due to loyal customers we have some free ones. =D

Musang King/Mao Shan Wang/"猫山王" The favorite type of Durians many craves but it's counted 1 of the most expensive types.

Some special larger ones may be kept by the Boss, larger ones are definitely more expensive because the price is weighed by kilograms of the entire Durian. Ask him if you visit them, they are very kind and friendly. ^^

These are some of the Durians the Boss opened for us to taste.

After tasting, time to choose and pack. If you wish to pack faster, then help the Boss or the Lady Boss to take the packing bags and boxes as there's always other customers coming for Durians~ =X

Yep there are too many so keep packing while they open up the Durian which have thorns all over~ They opened the thorny fruit like cutting apple, seems super simple for them. =X

These are Mangosteens, it's refreshing to eat Mangosteens after eating Durians, as Durians are very high in protein and quite heaty. They provide different types of fruits daily depending on what their suppliers provide, so they are really fresh.

My mom bought some =D

These are called Jackfruits, Jackfruit has a very strong nice smell, it covers all the Durians we bought.. Durians have an unique odor smell and it covered it.. =D

Watermelons~ <3

The Rambutans~ Rambutans are usually in red, gosh this is the first time I see golden Ranbutans in real life and guess what... It taste so sweet~ =X

These are super sweet + juicy and have lots of meat, superbly fresh. ^^

Here's the Mangosteen~ A beauty... :)

Ok time to go home~ <3

I have not really seen the whole Jackfruit opened up, so I asked my mom to open it up once we've reached home~

The meat of the Jackfruit, it's sweet and contains lots of fibre.

Mangosteens that my mommy bought~

The total packets of Durians my mommy bought, there are 2 more packs behind I can't fit in the table. So many Durians for only about RM$104... 

We might visit again for Durians for the next following weeks left before the Durian Season ends~


  1. wow everything looks so fresh and delicious! Though I'll admit I've tried durian once and didn't like it. More so I can't stand the smell.. haha

    1. Haha.. Right Babe, the smell of Durian is stinky :/ I seen many ppl run away from durian so it's normal hehe... Coz of the smell :p

  2. It's totally amazing! I'am from Spain and I never ear about this fruits!! It's so interesting for me see it!! Thanks for this fotographies!

    1. Thanks for enjoying and reading my Dear~
      Is there any special fruits in Spain? :)

  3. Yay! I love Asian markets/stalls! Hehe, they look soooooo good!! *0*
    Haha, now I crave these fruits! >w<
    Haha, have fun eating! ^3^

    1. Haha.. I rarely visit fruit stalls/markets~ usually just visit supermarkets. =D

  4. I have always wanted to try durian. They are impossible to find where I live, though I have considered ordering seeds and trying to grow my own!

    I've always wanted to try rambutans, too. What sort of texture do they have? They almost look like jelly :)

    1. Haha.. :)

      I think some countries actually buy frozen "whole durian" with the spikes on~ wonder how it taste like, but my mommy usually keep some
      Of the duian meats in the frozen freezer if we've got too much and it tasted like ice cream~ :/

      As for the rambutans I wonder do your country sell canned rambutans in syrup, rambutans taste a bit chewy and pretty juicy and sweet. the only bad thing for "fresh rambutans" the meat of the rambutan might stick to the seed so sometimes we eat with the "seed skin" of the rambutan meat too~

      Canned rambutans in Asia countries always
      stuffed with a small pineapple cube in syrup. :)

  5. Durian! Other people do not like them because they smell, but I love them! <3 HAHA! Nice photos! :)

    XO, Mish
    PS, Rire GCs International Giveaway on my blog!
    Uniqso Circle Lens International Giveaway on my blog! :)

    1. Haha.. I love durian desserts also, they are simply delicious hehe... Thanks Babe <3

  6. Hmm, I'm not much a fan of durian :(
    But I love jackfruit! I never knew that's what it looks like naturally, because I only eat the jackfruit from cans, lol.

    1. Hee wow you love jackfruit Babe~!

      I never seen exactly how a jackfruit looked like too ><

      Jackfruit from cans!~ I gonna try it someday ^^

  7. do you have the contact for this durin seller?