LoveMore French Caviar Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Mask (sponsored by Secretive.sg)

A luxury ingredient, Caviar extract in the amazing LoveMore French Caviar Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Mask sponsored by Secretive.sg!~ Also it has the Best Fitting Japan Soft Mask, with 0.02mm featherly soft mask, with skin-friendly ergonomic cut to have a better fit on your skin! ^_^
I know nothing to do with food today but I love to eat Caviar.. =X

Back of the mask box.

Click in if you want to take a closer look of the side descriptions of the box. ^^

LoveMore brand since 2009.

The manufactured date and expiry date.

Looks really cute like an envelop~

Here's the back of the Mask Sheet, I used flash-light to take the picture because the wordings are in gold color and I have difficulties to take clearly with normal/sunlight as it's too bright. Click in for closer view =)

5 in a Box. ^^

I'm a bit sick today so I can't put BB cream or any powder on my face to try on the mask later, but there's still some eyeliner, mascara & lipgloss. >_<

Open up the mask, here's how it looks inside. Super moisturized and it smells not caviar~ =X Quite a soothing very light scent.

The plastic mask separate sheet with the 0.02mm thin featherly soft mask.

  Here's the shape of the mask.

Look how thin the mask is and it's quite translucent till you can see my fingers and the texture is very soft. =)

Opps and have to remove my eyeliner this time, and yep I look very stress and tired today plus I'm sick. >_< Time to put on the mask~ ^^

How I feel about the Mask?
First thing I feel about the mask is it's very cooling and my skin was relaxed immediately after putting on my face. It is also very easy to put on because it's so thin and soft.

How long to remove the Mask?
About 15-20mins.

Results of the Mask?
My skin is smoother and I feel my face was tighter too. Not only that I felt super cooling after all the essence absorbed into my skin. =)

Does this masks suits everyone?
It's suitable for most people unless if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients or you are having irritated skin. For normal skin you can use any time you want ^^
Fights against aging and regains youthful skin~

How many times I Can use it a week?
About 2-3times a week, you can rotate other flavors/whitening masks too. =)
Give your face pampering at least once a week and you will have a more radiant skin.

So many pampering effects for the masks series from France, South Pacific & Mediterranean~

LoveMore French Caviar Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Mask 1 pc 
Original: SG$2.00

LoveMore French Caviar Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Mask 5 pc/box
Price: SG$8.90

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  1. It looks so good! Maybe I try it. :)

  2. It looks really nice ^^,
    wich one would je recommed more, this one or
    the one from the beauty diary? or the etude
    house one , if you have tried that one ;)

    1. For my basis mask routine I use My Beauty Diary Mask (Aloe Flavor) "soothing effects" for my sensitive skin, I will use alternatively of different masks like LoveMore,Sexylook & others for different effects. <3

      The LoveMore french caviar is for anti-wrinkle and firming effects ^^

      Etude house I haven't tried yet, looking forward for Laneige Sleeping Pack Mask which I have bought recently. :)

  3. The face mask looks so refreshing! cute blog:)

    1. Thank you Babe ^^

      U have got a cute blog too <3

  4. This facial mask looks effective!!
    and judging by your skin it must work beautifully!


    Sandra @ Blasfemmes.com

    1. Thank you Darling <3

      I got sensitive skin and if the weather is too hot or dusty, I will have bad skin day too and skin will react redness once a month (which I believe it's my hormones). At least the masks can help me to reduce some of my imperfections slightly better =)

  5. haha aww gotta love the cute envelope-like packaging! it's great that it made your face smoother :)


    1. Haha o ya the envelope-like packaging are really cute =D

      Thanks Honey ^^
      Love your new outfit, super stunning~ <3

  6. nice review it looks like a great product!

  7. wow. the masks looks very good. thanks for this review *-* i want to buy this <3 your blog is very interesting and good :)


    1. Thank you my Dear for visiting ^^
      You got a great blog, love the outfits you're wearing~ <3

  8. I love caviar masks, shall try the Love More version!

  9. I havent tried any masks yet, but this can be an option.

    Anyway, I'm already your follower, could you also follow me back? My GFC widget got broken and I lost almost all of my followers.. :( maybe you can help me..


    Thanks! :)

    1. Maybe you can try some masks next time ^^

      Cute blog my dear <3

  10. Interesting ^^ Thanks for the review.

    If you haven;t enter my give away please do check it out ^^


  11. wow what an interesting face mask, glad to hear that the results are good though :D

    1. Hehe thanks Dear <3

      The masks are very comfy too ^^