A Simple Touch of Pearly Shine Nails

It has been a long time I have not paint any light nail colors on my nails, I decided to pick OPI Nail Kyoto Pearl NL L03 because it's metallic type color and I do not need to paint more than 2 coats, I can say it's the fastest way to let your nail shine, looks clean and a really soothing color to match any style. Of course I love milky, creamy colors too or a plain french manicure. ^^
I am using OPI Natural Nail Strengthener as base coat, OPI Nail Kyoto Pearl NL L03 as my nail color and Sally Hansen's Super Shine Shiny Top Coat.

OPI Nail Strengthener NT T60

Paint OPI Nail Strengthener first, wait 2-3mins to dry up and paint nail color. I usually paint 2 coats of OPI Nail Strengthener on my toe nails.

1 coat of OPI Nail Strengthener, taken with flash light. =)

Next OPI Nail Kyoto Pearl NL L03

I need 2 coats of OPI Nail Kyoto Pearl NL L03, paint freely. ^^

Last step paint cover the Top Coat~

Completed~ ^^

My nails grew a little longer and I still love the OPI Nail Kyoto Pearl NL L03 so much, so I repainted the same color and Metallic Blue Nail color to match(Sally Hansen's 280 Marine Scene), also added simple black polka dots for a cuter style, yup my favorite "anything with polka dot" and it's the easiest~ Hehe.. I used Revlon Black Nail Polish for polka dots. ^^


  1. Simply but still classic ^^, thanks for sharing n.n


  2. you have very nice nails!! i might have to try that coat, mine break so easy sometimes


    1. Thank you Babe~ ^^

      The nail strengthener was not bad you can give it a try :)

  3. You have such nice nails! I want nice nails haha. Mine are so weak, does that strengthener actually work?

    1. Thanks Darling =)

      My nails are actually very hard, I did not realise does it really work until you ask me haha.. I think some how I felt a bit more hard than my usual nails. =D

  4. I love the nail polish from OPI pity that here in Brazil they are not so easy to find.


    1. Oh Dear >_<

      Hope u can find it in your country soon dear~ =)