DollyEye Gothic 3 Tones Violet (sponsored by Uniqso.com)

Thank you Uniqso.com for sponsoring circle lenses again for me to review ^_^ I guess it has been a month I have not review any lenses, hehe I promised Uniqso to review asap but was a bit delayed coz of work. >_<

I was feeling a bit guilty for the delay and they sent me more lenses~ =D 
I missed all babes, blogger friends and replying all the lovely comments, I might be slow like snail sometimes but I will reply when I finished up my work load. So sorry for all, I hope tomorrow's giveaway I am able to finish taking the pictures and blog~

Ok let's take a look at the popular DollyEye Gothic 3 Tones Violet lens =)
Everyone loves Uniqso's packaging always, they are super cute and it protects the fragile circle lenses bottles well for long delivery to your doorsteps~ :3

Really good right? My first time receiving Uniqso's red packaging~ There's some versions of Thank you in different languages, merci, 谢谢 etc.. =X

Besides the cute packaging, the circle lenses bottles are bubble wrapped safely.

The DollyEye Gothic 3 Tones Violet

From: Uniqso
Manufacturer: EOS
Model: G307
Relabeled for TheDollyEye: DollyEye Gothic 3 Tones Violet
Color: Violet
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Water Content: 38%
Lens Type: Yearly lens

*EOS G307 Violet and DollyEye Gothic 3 Tones Violet are the same, DollyEye Gothic 3 Tones are easier to purchase online, you can purchase from Uniqso. ^_^ 

I placed a piece on my finger, EOS lenses are counted pretty thick. 

I took a couple shots of Day Light and with Flash Light to compare without make up first.

Now with make up =D

My natural black hair has grown out a lot lolx... I intend to tolerate few months more before I visit salon around Jan 2013~ =X Gotta maintain my dry hair it's getting better now for less coloring and less layering. I got very stubborn hair +_+

Haha.. I am trying out my wig =D

Lens Design

I know the DollyEye Gothic 3 Tones Violet are well known and common, but I think when I see carefully, I pretty like staring at the lens design before wearing it. They look a lot like design of GEO Berry Cessy, but GEO's color are more natural.


The enlargement was not a lot looks smaller than 14.5mm diameter, suitable for those who don't like larger circle lenses. Before wearing I was thinking oh no... looks like 14.0mm, but after wearing it although it's small in diameters, still looks alright and have some enlargement effect. =D

Comfort Level

Quite comfy for the first few hours, you got to bring along eye drops if you want to wear more than 6-8hours with you. 3 Color Tones lenses tend to be dryer than 1 color/no color tone lenses for sure~ I got my eyes drops me with any time so it's still quite comfortable.


I quite like the design as it can give you another look of your normal self look, with some make up touches on your eyes. Totally great for some people who prefers smaller diameters.

Purchase at Uniqso with lots of varieties of circle lenses, they have the best customer services and very friendly. ^_^

Thank you for sponsoring me~


  1. these look cute ^^ i love 3-tone lenses, they always make the eyes look more watery and cute :3 i like your strawberry too XD

    1. Hehe Thanks Dear <3

      Haha would u love a strawberry? =D
      Btw what happened to your blog? >_<

  2. Love the color! BTW, just wanna ask how did you made your lightbox? (if you have any.. :D)

    1. Thank you Babe ^^

      I just use normal day light, would love to try out lightbox some day. =D

  3. those lens is better to wear with makeup keke

    1. Lolz.. Yea =D

      As long as there's a bit of eyeliner and lashes will make a difference~ <3

  4. Mmm I have these! I like them a lotttt!! haha
    And I like your wig :3 It's nice~

    1. Haha Thanks Darling <3 <3

      I am glad u like the wig too ^^

  5. those look so cool! i like your hair dark too :D


    1. Hehe Thank you Gorgeous =D

      I love your hair more ^_^

  6. These are super cute!I agree that they don't look too enlarging though. The halo effect is really prettyyy. So is that wig!

    1. Hehe Thanks Dear =D

      I can imagine how gorgeous will it be if you wear the lens <3

  7. Beautiful! You look adorable. :3

  8. hi dear! nice blog! i follow you, I hope you follow me too!

  9. You take such good pictures, honey ^O^ I love the blonde wig on you, makes you look like Alice in Wonderland

    1. Haha Hunnie Thanks! =D

      Can't compare with your super great quality gorgeous pictures~ Muackz <3 <3

  10. Omgosh you look so pretty! ^^ I love the blonde wig on you, it makes you look perfect!

    Just followed you, hope you follow me too ^^
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