MORILINS Organic Eye Therapy Mask (Firming + Revitalizing)

I am going to review MORILINS Organic Eye Therapy Mask (Firming & Revitalizing) today :)
The masks are sponsored by Japalang.sg MORILINS Organic Face/Eye Masks are Made in Japan~ If you want to know more about MORILINS Organic Masks, click Introduction. ^_^
For All Skin Types

Back of the Mask

Here's how inside the Eye Mask piece looks like, there's quite a lot of serum and it smells organic. =D

The shape of the eye masks and you notice no 2 eye holes~ ^^

Closer look of the mask quality. The Eye Mask is quite thick and very good quality.

It's not only thick and good quality, fits any size of your face.

I asked my mom to place the Eye Mask on my eyes so I can take a picture of me resting with the Eye Mask. =X 

Ok wait for 10~15mins, don't open your eyes if not the serum will go in your eyes and will be like me having some redness in my eyes after removing the Eye Mask.

Results after 15mins. I felt pretty firmed and eyes was slightly brightened up~ I can still feel the serum around my eyes and absorbing the goodness of the Eye Mask. After removed, do some light massage with your fingers on your eyes/around dark circles so it will be well absorbed and helps blood circulation. For better results, apply your eye cream after Eye Masks fully absorbed. Great thing is that the MORILINS Organic Eye Therapy Mask are suitable for sensitive skin too. 

I believe some people are like me too, we have natural dark circle genes. It's common, we will still have dark circles but using eye masks, light fingers massage and eye cream will help us lighten a bit. Also sleep early and sufficient sleeping hours, I know some are night owls like me~ >_<

Here's my Review for MORILINS Organic Facial Therapy Mask (Revitalizing + Replenishing).

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  1. This one looks pretty comfterable! : D

  2. ^^ oh cool stretchy! Thankyou for the review.

  3. Wooow-- I've never seen an eyemask like that before. o:

    And I should totally look into this: I seem to have natural, dark circles, too. D: Even when I am getting enough rest, my eyes still look 'tired'.

    P.S. Your advertorial pics are adorable!

    1. Haha Thanks Hun <3

      Me too even if I got lots of rest =X

  4. looks very good!



  5. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
    Material Fixations

  6. I've never seen a mask review quite like the ones you do. You really do a great job and go above and beyond, your pictures really show the moisture! I would try them!

    1. Haha.. I never seen before too ^^
      Thank you Darling <3

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