MORILINS Organic Facial Therapy Mask (Revitalizing + Replenishing)

Another awesome Organic Mask sponsored by Japalang.sg~ The MORILINS Organic Facial Therapy Mask (Revitalizing + Replenishing) are Made in Japan. =)

To know more about MORILINS click Introduction and also the MORILINS Organic Eye Therapy Mask. ^_^ 
For Mature Skin, I am above 25~ So I guess I can use. =D
There's Ginko & Grape Seed plus the Diamond Plaid Stretchable Sheet and Phyto-Collagen (Natural Moisturizer & Protection for it's Unique Features.

MORILINS Organic Facial Therapy Mask (Revitalizing & Replenishing)
For Mature Skin

Gingko is well known for its antioxidants, which protects the skin from and reduces free radicals damage. It also reinforces fragile blood vessels, improves tissue irrigation, boosts collagen formation and activates cell metabolism. With anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties, it helps soothe skin irritation and rejuvenate the skin.

Grape Seed contains potent antioxidants to fight off the ravages of aging. Easily absorbed by the skin, it reduces free-radical damage, diminishes fine lines, slows down wrinkle formation and protects collagen cells. It also moisturizes, tightens and tones.
With an added boost of Sodium Hyaluronate for hydration and moisture retention.

Back of the Mask, Certified Organic (click Introduction to know more), Made in Japan, Net Weight 26g.

Inside of the Mask Pack, I am not sure maybe is the Natural Essential Oil "Fragrance" scent, it smells a little bit Ginseng to me but acceptable. =)

Shape of the mask, surprisingly the size of the mask is quite small but stretchable so don't worry~ ^^

Closer look of the Mask Great Quality, as it's unique features are the diamond plaid, stretchable, very moist~ =)

I stretched the mask to fit my face shape, you can notice my big nose is squeezed under the mask~ It helps firming up my face too with the stretchable effect. Recommended to leave mask on face for 10 to 15mins. *Do not exceed 25mins*

The results after 15mins. I can't even believe myself after taking zoom in shots of my skin, the before was kinda disgusting, pores are opened up very huge. I admit I have quite large pores too, and that was really my normal self without applying any skincare products for a day as I'm too tired and stressed. 

The after results... Pores are smaller and some of my redness are gone, skin glowing and fairer. Pictures are without any smoothening edit except cropping it. ^^

How I feel about the Mask?

Comfortable and does not irritate my skin, mask size is small so I need to stretch to fit my face. Quality was great and feels the organic goodness of the serums are absorbing in my skin.

Does this masks suits everyone?
It's suitable for Mature Skin Types, I believe you can use above 25yrs old. Can be used on sensitive skin too as I am one of the easily Sensitive skin person. Unless you are allergy to any of the ingredients.

How many times I Can use it a week?
About 1-2times a week, to achieve better results. =)

Directions for Facial Therapy Mask
  • Cleanse and dry face thoroughly.
  • Align mask on face. Hold on mask at nose bridge position, then stretch it in all directions to fit face contours.
  • Gently sweep away the air bubbles trapped within the mask.
  • Excess serum can be applied on neck or any dry areas of the body.
  • After 10 to 15 minutes, remove mask and gently massage face to stimulate circulation and enhance effects.
  • Rinsing of face is optional.
  • Discard mask after use.
Use regularly for desired results. Due to natural ingredients, contents may display slight coloration. Discontinue use if any swelling or irritation occurs.

The Masks are each SG$9.90 can be found at BeautyCarousel Online Store or exclusively at Sasa Singapore Retail Stores.

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  1. i love your head bow and nice review it really did make a difference!

  2. Thanks for the review, it really does make a difference ^_^
    I just still can't believe you're already 25! You look younger :)


  3. I'll make sure to get my mom some of these~ she always complains how the mybeautydiary masks aren't suitable for her since she's older :/

    1. Hehe... really? She can give it a try plus it's organic ^^
      Btw I use MBD masks aloe, still using it some times~ =D

  4. Such a difference! I really want to try this mask.

    1. Haha I was also quite surprise too for the zoom in skin results. =)

  5. Ooh wow, it looks super good! @0@
    I just love the feeling of masks in general, especially after I've used one!
    This one looks to work really good, too!
    Thank you for the review! ^^

    1. The masks looks pretty good probably it's organic =X
      I was also quite surprise to see the before and after results "zoom in skin".

  6. Looks good! First time I'm seeing a mask with a nose hole like that

  7. Wow, your skin looks so clear and fair afterwards! And it seems like it works to make pores less visible too~

    1. Hehe.. Before looks like a disaster =X

      I think my pores absorbs the masks serum quite well =D

      Hopefully the Morilins organic masks series will suit everyone =D

  8. best result! it make your skin smoother! and hey, you dont look above 25, you look so young!

  9. The difference is really prominent! I would want to use masks but I can't find them anywhere from here. O.o
    I love this review~ ^^

    1. Hopefully infuture you can get it >_<

      Thanks Darling :)