Girly Chip Rose Pink (sponsored by EyeCandyLens.com)

Royal Vision Girly Chip Rose Pink (sponsored by EyeCandyLens.com) caught my eye, I haven't tried any Royal Vision lenses yet so this will be first. ^_^
I got to admit, pink lenses are my favorite plus it has a rose designed pattern, how can I resist? =X

EyeCandy Lens is very well-known, they are based in Hong Kong, brings latest rare and trendy products at the best possible prices. They also have a sweet, glittering website design.

Here's the package they sent me and I received less than 2 weeks from Hong Kong to Singapore. ^_^

Comes with EyeCandyLens instruction, lens case, bubble wrapped circle lenses box and name card with "reminder expiry".

The sweetest name card with a reminder to keep track of when your lenses expire at the back.

Circle lens wear and care instruction.

The super sweet pink EyeCandyLens packaging box for the circle lens via bottle.

Brand: Royal Vision
OEM: Dueba
Model: Girly Chip Rose
Color: Pink
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%
Lens Duration: 1 year disposable

Link to Purchase 

Super thin, reminds me of Neo Vision.

Day light & flash light without make up.

With makeup, Day light.

With makeup, Flash light.

My face still have redness not sure how long will I fully recover, still dare not to put any make up on my face. >_<

Lens Design

The Girly Chip Rose Pink caught my eye because of it's rose pattern and it's in pink color.


The enlargement was 14.5mm looks pretty decent size, I thought may look smaller but yay lucky  looks like 14.5mm~ 

Comfort Level

The lenses are so thin, reminds me of neo vision. It's very comfortable!! My first Dueba lens was terrible got my eyes like flaming pain. Also the 14.5mm enlargement will suit those who prefer "not so large" circle lenses. Last me 6-8hrs, I always try not to wear all my lenses more than 8hrs.


I choose these lenses because they are very rare, love the design it's sweet. You will need some make up to brighten up your look with the lenses too. Love how thin and comfortable it is, the enlargement was enough for the design to stand out. Prescriptions from 0.00 to -8.00 at EyeCandyLens.

Purchase this at EyeCandyLens they have some rare circle lenses and lots of varieties plus they follow up their customers too. ^_^

 Hope U like it 
Webstore: EyeCandyLens.com
Facebook: eyecandylenscom
Twitter: eyecandylens
Email: info@eyecandylens.com

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  1. I saw it already on Facebook, put these lenses suit you soooo well! You're super pretty :D Love the make-up you did with these, too <3

  2. Gorgeous lady!I love pale pink lensesss.I like the swirly outer ring tooooo

    1. Thanks Gorgeous ^_^

      I love the outer ring too and pink lens lots =D~

  3. Wow! Those are so pretty! :) They look really nice on you! :D

    XO, Mish

  4. These lenses seem very nice! I like pink ones too! So pretty on you :)

    1. I love the pink lens so much =X
      Thank you Babe <3

  5. Pretty lenses, only accented by your false eyelashes! I love the idea of the expiry card.

    1. Haha.. false lashes are good with any lenses ^_^
      I prefer just brush some mascara when I go out, eyes too sensitive to wear fake lashes out for too long. =X

  6. Oh pretty ^^ And you like pink lenses a lot don't you? :D

    1. Thanks lovely =D
      Haha yea I love pink lenses ❤❤

  7. Those look so nice on you! I really want a pair of circle lenses too but I have to get them on prescription since I wear contacts already!

    1. Thank you Dear <3

      You can try on next time, they sure look gorgeous on you ^__^

  8. i love how you can sport pink lenses so well! so pretty!
    Krissy xoxo

    1. Thanks Babe~ ^_^

      Hehe.. I always choose "pink color" first when I visit any circle lens webstore. =X

  9. You look so pretty! Amazing lenses and I must say that you have such beautiful hair :)


    1. Thank you Gorgeous ❤

      I love to play with my wigs =X

  10. Lovely ^^ Makes your eyes so animated and pops!!

  11. Amazing lenses!
    You look so cute and sweet :33

  12. i love the design, it's very pretty ^^


  13. they look great
    i love the design!