Gold and White Shamballa Bracelet

I received the Gold and White Shamballa Bracelet together with the Blue on White Shamballa Bracelet, they are sponsored by Cutey. They are based in UK selling their products world-wide.
I immediately think red nails are the most matching for gold accessories, so I got my nails painted red this week. =D

The Gold with White(or silvery color), looks really sparkling gorgeous.. I can't wait to try it on, imagine how awesome it will sparkle on more tanned skin babes!! ^_^

A closer look of the shamballa crystals.

There are beach days and snow days, times when you're all about warmth and others where a little bit of ice maiden might break through. It's your contradictions that make you interesting. Gold and white, the heat of the sun married to a little cracked ice. Nine contrary beads each with 84 crystals.

I got a shot of picture with flash light in the dark and it really shines~ =)

The Gold and White Shamballa Bracelet is super easy to match with various color of your outfit and you're ready to go out. =D

Gold and White Shamballa Bracelet £18.99

Website: http://www.cutey.co.uk/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cutey.co.uk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cutey

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  1. I love how it's all sparkly and glittery! :)

  2. nice bracelet ^^
    btw, I like your nails shape

  3. So sparkly! I'm in love with your red nails!!


  4. Very nice bracelet :) I love the last photo <3 Why are you so beautiful?! :D :)

  5. So beautiful bracelet! :-)
    You look very cute.

  6. Ah--- love your styling all in all. <3 The blue parts of your outfit (+ the lenses) look so nice with the gold and white of the bracelet. o:

    Gorgeous!! The two shamballa bracelets are so pretttyyy~.

    1. Thank you so much hunnie,
      I'm blushing >.< Muackz

  7. Very gorgeous bracelet! I feel like I saw this before.. so I may have commented or maybe I'm just going crazy. The colours really compliment your skintone!

    1. Haha yes you may have seen this before Dear ;)

      Thanks gorgeous ^.^