Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant @ Orchard Central

There will be a lot of pictures for this post, to show the variety of the buffet. I have to say first I really hate to post bad food reviews, but I am very disappointed with my first time dining at Kiseki Japanese Buffet, Orchard Central. They used to be at The Heeren (building now under construction), now relocated at Orchard Central.
Orchard Central,  Level 8 (#08-01/02/03)

Before entering, you have to make your payment first, service charge 10% and Gst 7% will be added. There are 2 queue up lanes, Walk-in Guest and Reservation Guest. I made reservation through online from their website and was told to be on-time and they will give off your reserved seats if you are later than 15mins.

**Note: don't go on weekday dinners, there will be no crabs. They did not state on their website or ask first if they serve crab on the day. Please visit their website for latest price.

We were escorted to our seats, the area air con was too cold.

The grill/pasta/pizza station, the soft drinks area was just behind.

Your table will be given number clips to represent your table, so you can go around clip it on the grills, pasta or hot pot etc, they will prepare and serve it to your table.

The seafood pasta carbonara sauce was creamy and quite nice. Mika went for second round of the pasta, and my mom said not bad.

The pizza crust was thin and is better to eat it fast before it turns cold. The fried mostly breaded fried food are quite hard to bite. Not a fan of this hard to bite area. Lolz..

Sweet potato looks cute, taste like hard donut..

The all-time favorites area, nothing much...

Curry, miso soup and rice area.

Let me show you the black japanese curry, totally black lolx... Looks like fuel taste just like curry but a bit salty you need some rice to go with.

The carbs... Garlic fried rice, udon etc.

Place your number clip on the bowl, they forgotten mine and when I ask them they claimed never seen my number.

Served me a weak dim lid and fire disappeared so soon for my hot pot, I asked the staff and he is really kind offer to take back to the kitchen and re-lid the fire.
Now, the re-lid hot pot fire was flaming fiercely. Staffs walking pass and think it was normal, but the flame was too strong, I was unable to reach my food in the pot! The most dangerous hot pot I have ever seen for buffets!

It's really dangerous when there were paper bowls(seen similar ones at Long John Silver SG) lying around when I have the dangerous hot pot flame...

The cold area bar, seafood, seasoned and jellyfish etc..

Salad bar and cold soba.

The sashimi and cold seafood area. No Tuna, no crayfish and their blue swimmer crabs for weekday dinner. How disappointing...

The sushi station. Looks pretty but the ingredients are too common. There is no tuna, no unagi sushi, not even egg sushi.

The dessert corner.

Their Green tea Mochi is soft quite nice too.

I like the Strawberry Mousse and Mango Pudding.

 Ice cream tasted nice, not really sweet.

Today's Special.

This is the best I tasted for the entire buffet, the Tofu Cheese Cake. Very smooth and not really sweet.

Goma Cake. Black sesame.

Peach Cake. I like all their sponge cakes, they're all very soft and smooth.

Kiseki Japanese Buffet was a place I always wanted to try and visit, I heard few of my friends giving good ratings for the restaurant when the restaurant was at The Heeren. I am very disappointed for my first time visit as I was actually giving my relatives/friends a farewell treat... 

Food variety expectation from their website pictures and many customer's good reviews does not happen good to me yesterday. Feedback the dangerous hot pot flame to them hope they will improve about it soon and of course note and highlight on their website "crabs or crayfish are only available on weekends".

If you would like to try at Kiseki, better go for dinner on weekends. If you do not like crabs then go for the lunch instead. I will not recommend Kiseki to my friends. :(

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  1. omg !! i like japanese food so much!! sadly it was in SG~ >.<

  2. Great post !
    Lovely japanese food !



  3. i love japanese food, they're so yummy :) but aww sorry you didn't like that resto that much, it looks really big too but i agree with you, they need more varieties of food :) thanks for sharing love <3

    1. Haha I love japanese food too ^_^
      Yep really sad, maybe I should just go other restaurants that I usually go for special occasions bringing friends/relatives. =D

      You are welcome love <3

  4. I like japanese food so much! :33

  5. nya~ that looks so yummy, especially those little cakes ^-^

  6. this post is makingme soo hungry!! everything looks amazing :D

  7. OmG!!All that food looks delicious *..*

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  8. Sorry the food wasn't great, I really love interior design though! Thanks for stopping by my blog, love yours!
    Material Fixations

    1. T_T wasn't that great and they are not sincere enough..

      Thanks for commenting my Dear and love your blog too <3