LANEIGE Snow BB Soothing Cushion

During July, I bought LANEIGE Snow BB Soothing Cushion when I heard it's a new concept of BB Cream, not in bottle or a tube but making it in a compact makes me very curious and excited about the product.
Awarded The CLEO Beauty Hall of Fame 2012

The shipping method by "Pretty Shop from Qoo10" for the LANEIGE Snow BB Soothing Cushion was by Eurasia. I saw many customers in Qoo10 complaining about Eurasia's service, I guess I am lucky I have not encounter any bad or rude Eurasia's services yet.

Bubble wrapped in the small box and comes with quite a lot of Korean skincare free samples.

I really love the packaging by the Pretty Shop at "GmarketSg, now known as Qoo10", I have been purchasing most of my Korean skincare/makeup from them.

Benefits of the Product
Bright and Clear Whitening Care + Strong Sunscreen Effect
Contains White Plus Renew Complex™, the major ingredient of Laneige White Plus Renew, for bright and clear skin. Moreover, its SPF 50+ PA+++ formula blocks UV rays even under strong sunlight. 
Long-lasting Makeup
High molecules strong against sweat and sebum form a network to create an elastic barrier on the surface of makeup to hold makeup and UV screen on for a long time. Also, highly elastic cushion powder holds up the makeup barrier that can easily be collapsed by sweat and sebum for long-lasting makeup even with one layer. 

Refreshing and Cooling Sensation
The refreshing soothing sensation that you can feel on your skin reduces the skin temperature to refresh your skin after it has been fatigued by heat. The soothing sensation is best in hot and humid environments and allows you to refresh when correcting makeup. 

Natural and Clean Skin Tone

The spherical powder with similar refraction rate as the skin controls oil absorption and light diffusion to prevent excess shine and creates a natural and clean skin tone with medium coverage.

How to use the Product?

  1. Apply onto puff and smooth along the texture of skin. Then, pat to increase adherence. Apply another layer to improve coverage. 
  2. If there is no more content after you press the cushion with your finger, it means that the product is finished. Replace with a refill.

[How to Replace with Refill]

-Close the container, flip it, and press the back of container using both hands to separate the container. 
-Always recap after use. If it is not stored covered, helpful moisturizers and other ingredients can evaporate to shrink the contents. 

[How to Take Care of Puff
-Keep the puff clean all the time and gently massage it in lukewarm water with neutral detergent or puff cleanser to wash it. 
-Rinse thoroughly until the detergent is washed away, release all moisture, and dry completely in a shadowy place. This way, you can use it for an extended period of time. 

[Safety Sug
Always recap after use. If it is not stored covered, helpful moisturizers and other ingredients can evaporate to shrink the contents

Product has SPF50+ PA+++, UV Protection, whitening, soothing, long-lasting makeup.
Color: No. 21 Natural Beige
Comes with a refill.

The Refill.

Can't wait to try after looking at the clean and simple packaging. =)

Pull up and open ^_^

Wow it was really dark for me, I totally did not expect the fairest color will be so dark..

It was really cool exploring and trying the new concept of cushion sponge BB cream.

The BB cream is soaked in the sponge if you press down, really cool and it was well moisturized.

The BB cream texture was really good but too dark for me. Soothing like what it describes, but it will be better and long-lasting if you use some of any foundation powder. I tried the product during July, thought of changing the BB Cream I am using. After trying quite a few BB Creams, I still prefer Etude House's Precious Mineral BB Cream.

But you may find it's a great product ^_^


  1. Thankyou for the review! Ahh I also really hate it when it comes so late, or it's stuck at the customs! Anyway this seems really nice, love how the The BB cream is soaked in the sponge if you press down ^__^


    1. Welcome Honey ^__^

      It's convenient when you bring out in a compact, my mom love it alot so I pass it to her hehe... =D

      If it has a lighter tone I think will be awesome. <3

  2. Woww. This is sort of cool.It really sucks that the color is too dark. I think I prefer the normal method for BB cream though. I think that may be because sponges sort of gross me out. I ran out of my bb cream yesterday :(I have to order a new one ASAP.

    1. Haha Dear, we prefer the normal BB cream tube more, my mom loves how it is in a compact.

      Coverage for dark circles are not very good. =X

      I will need to order a new Etude House BB Cream soon too. <3

  3. Thank you for review! :-)
    Beautiful things.

  4. so this is a BB Cream powder puff or actually just BB cream with a spongey applicator? the packaging is cute, although I agree the colour is too dark for you!


    1. It's a BB Cream soaked in the sponge, use the dark blue cushion to "pat motion" on face. The best part was the dark blue cushion.

      If they have a lighter tone color will be awesome for us ^__^
      Rated one of the must have new concept BB Cream products with UV protection SPF50+ PA+++.

      My mom loves it alot, price looks a bit expensive but there's an extra refill in it. =)

  5. hi sweety, thanks for visiting my blog & becoming a reader ^0^y
    you made a really useful review here❤

    1. You are welcome my Dear ^_^
      And Thank you~ ♡♡

  6. Great things !!!!



  7. The packaging is so cute!! I would really like to try this type of BB cream :D

    1. The BB Cream is really not bad, but not for my skin tone hehe...

      Quite comfortable too, felt less clogging to pores also. ^_^

  8. oh wow, so many amazing goodies :) me too, i really like the Etude House BB cream <3

    1. Thanks Darling~ <3
      Hi ^ 5! I have to restock Etude House BB Cream soon ◕‿◕

  9. :) so beautiful this post and great blog btw!

    we can follow each other if you want :)



  10. Aww, I love the packaging^^ It look so sweet : 3
    And the product seems to be very good! : >

    1. Packaging is really sweet from the seller hehe..
      Product is really not bad ^__^