Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant @ City Square

Me and my parents went in Malaysia, JB again for shopping so we decided to have our late breakfast plus early lunch. The very simple food and pretty well known Hong Kong combined essence of Chinese & Western food culture Style cafe at Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant (City Square).
Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant, City Square Branch
Lot MB-06,Level Basement One 
Johor Bahru City Square 
106-108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook 
80000 Johor Bahru, Johor

The Menus, they have some categories of "tick list" for you to tick, the staffs will come your table to finalize your orders. ^^

Sweetened Condensed Milk & Peanut Butter Thick Toast RM$4.50

My mommy wanted to try thick toast, it was actually yes "Toast that are thicker". Lolx... Argh... Too full to finish this. +_+

Combo Hot Plate Chicken Chop in Sizzling RM$19.90

The combo set comes with a Drink, mini cup Soup, Garlic Bread and dessert. Chicken Chop in the Hot plate was not very presentable maybe choice of the garlic suace gravy~
The dessert and Lemon Tea. My dad was really full too... o_o

Hokkaido Fish Fillet Curry Rice RM$11.50

I quite like the Hokkaido Fish Fillet Curry Rice, love the curry gravy spices. My mommy say it was normal haha but sometimes normal and simple food taste just simply delicious.

Fries with Minced Beef Sauce RM$6.90

Their fries are thin and crispy. Good for snacking. =D

Yam Tri-Colour Blended RM$7.90

I just love Yam Desserts or drinks, Ok this blended drink is HUGE... You sure can't finish alone +_+ Yummy too hehe, there're some jelly below and feels so cold drinking it... =D

Very affordable.

The place is always crowded, so noise level is slightly higher but sometimes we just love the crowded lively cafe, feels like Hong Kong. ^^

Excellent customer service I have encountered in JB, when we left the restaurant just few seconds a staff was behind me and called me that I left my handphone behind. Thank you so much!!

Food tasted simply normal delicious, not the best but to me it's very comforting food.

Overall Ratings ✘ (8/10)
I will definitely go back again!! Price was very affordable and customer service was the best I been in JB. Very crowded and always fast-paced service of clearing the tables.

Hope U like Hong Kong Style today

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  1. haha.. i seems to been there.. but not very like kim gary~ >.<~

    1. Haha.. maybe I was hungry? :p
      And I love yam =X

  2. it looks very yummy ^-^ I'd love to try the Yam dessert drink❤

    1. ^_^ I love yam, envy u lots you can have so many yummy desserts in Japan~ =D

  3. Oh that sweetened condensed milk and peanut butter thick toast is tempting me through the computer screen hahahahha xD (And that yam blended drink looks delicious!)

    Thanks for the follow back ^_^
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    1. You are welcome my Dear ^_^

      Haha.. yep it's sweet and pretty mouth watering hehe... <3

  4. All the food look delish!! I am craving!!

    Followed you xoxo

    The Misty Mom

  5. Looks so yummy and seems like a nice place to go!

    1. ^^ I wanna go back again hehe.. except for the chicken chop, oppz~ =X

  6. Oh wow!!! :)
    That thick toast with condensed milk looks very delicious!


    1. Hehe.. Looks delicious but taste too much bread >_<

  7. Everything looks so delicious!!! :D


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