Kimchi Prince Black (sponsored by Uniqso.com)

These are my first Kimchi Black Circle Lenses, the Kimchi Prince Black, they're same diameter as my Beuberry Momo Black and gladly sponsored by Uniqso. ^_^
There's no worry of Uniqso's packaging, care, secure, safe and cute. Kimchi via bottles are really mini and adorable. =D

Seller: Uniqso
Brand: Kimchicon
Manufacturer: SUNnBON
Model: Kimchi Prince
Color: Black
Diameter: 16.0mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 55%
Lens Duration: 1 year disposable

If you see closer of the zoom in, the lens design has an octagon shape.

Black circle lenses are really hard to identify which side is right, so I always try it out first and once I feel comfortable with the correct side, I will place it nicely back to my lens case the "correct side" I want. It's easier and saves my time for my next time wearing it. Haha.. Ok I admit I am quite forgetful. =X

Without make up.

With make up.

Got to use fake lashes for better effect of closer shots on my eyes, tried the Maybelline Lashionista, endless length obsession looks messy haha.. But it looks ok in real person ^^

Lens Design

If you remembered my Beuberry Momo Black review few months ago the Kimchi Prince Black are quite similar to it, the only differences was the Kimchi Prince is more simple and looks more black. If you love Black circle lenses, they sure going to suit you if you are a fan of big diameters circle lenses. 


Because they are in black, plus diameter of 16.0mm so the enlargement will be great and huge! I haven't tried a 17mm circle lenses yet maybe soon... You know I love the larger the better, the bigger the better, the more huge the more better heehee~ Ok the enormous ones I can't take it... =X

Comfort Level

Kimchi lenses, any lenses that are manufactured by SUNnBON are very comfortable for my eyes. I guess I suit huge lenses more in comfortness level. I can wear more than 8 hours but no matter how comfortable it will be, never exceed 10 hours of wearing any circle lenses a day.


Loving it already even without make up, going to give a score of 9/10 overall!! I know some people might think a bit alien-like for huge black circle lenses, you can always choose the smaller size in diameters of other brands from Uniqso or search for natural brown circle lenses too. ^^

Uniqso one of the best customer service circle lenses webstores in the world, check them out for any circle lenses that suits you.

Thank you for sponsoring me~
Webstore: Uniqso.com
Facebook: Uniqso
Twitter: askUNIQSO
Email: ask@uniqso.com 

 Hope U like it 

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  1. These look super de duper pretty with that blond hair! You take such nice pictures :)

    1. Thanks Darling <3
      My natural hair is kinda messy now >_<

  2. it looks really natural and it must be comfortable with the 55% water content ^^


    1. THey are pretty comfortable for my eyes =)
      Quite natural too hehe, I love black lenses =X

  3. Aaaw you are gorgeous ! I love your hair :) the contacts are pretty cool !
    Please check out my blog ;)

  4. OMG cutie , how to get sponsor ? i want it

    1. ^.^

      Hmm.. I got their email for reviewing lens.

      I think u can try email them and ask?

  5. Wow! These lenses are huge! But you look cute with black lenses - I personally find it hard to wear black lenses cutely :(

    1. Thanks honey ^^

      I think i look not good with brown lenses T_T
      Brown lenses looks beautiful on you, actually any color looks great on you <3 <3

  6. Oh. Thank you for your nice comment dear! <3
    You look so amazing! I think I will order the lenses and your reviews are really helpful :)

    xoxo Mikki | http://sweetdanger.blog.cz/

  7. It's been such a long time since I've worn black lenses, but I miss it because they give you an effect no other color lens can!

    1. Haha I think the same too~ I seriously need black lenses so much to have some eye attention haha...

      Ok without lenses I guess my eyes looks pretty dead~ >_<

  8. They have a really good dolly affect! Really cute on you :)

  9. black circle lenses still freak me out :S

  10. you look great:)
    I am your new follower,will you follow back?

  11. Nice blog you have...wanna follow each other?
    just leave me a comment and I'll follow u back!

  12. you have the most beautiful eyes ever! i love that lens on you <3

    1. Thank you Hunnie, I admire your gorgeous eyes u know? <3 <3

  13. love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

    1. Thank you Dear,

      U got a awesome blog~ ^^

      Done <3

  14. Oh sweetie the enlargement is really cool.. Your eye loks like a sweet doll.. Lovelye absolutely lovely...


    1. Thanks sweetie ^-^

      I love the huge enlargement too hehe.. <3

  15. I'm not a fan of black lenses but I have to say that this looks good on you! :) I wish I can wear contact lens too.. it's just that I'm afraid it might hurt when I put it in my eyes. LOL

  16. i have lenses sized at 16mm when i wore those things my eye look alienish and about 2 hours of wearing it feels like your lenses are sucking out your eyes and i really look like a kid hahaha !!!! but its pretty cool with makeup but without it look like your a demon alien hahaha niicee review btw :)) thumbs UP !!!