ELF Nail Polish Champagne

Sorry I am slow posting this, coz of my hand recovering from surgery. I can only do things and type using my right hand, still ok I guess Thank you so much for all the lovely concerns~ ^_^

Before doing the Endosopic cubital tunnel release, surgery on my left hand I already pre-take some pictures to blog while I have some mental prepare that I might need some time to recover.

Right now, I can't sit in front of the computer too long, may be for a while I can feel my hand getting tired and some pain, I need to lie down and have some rest plus support for my left hand then come back to the computer again. I will keep some experiences of my first surgery in the future to blog when I recover. =)

Ok today is about one of the elf nail polish color I bought last time.
I was actually in love with the color from the picture on elf website~ Champagne #1506

When I received the color was so dark and different from the picture +_+

The brush of the nail polish.

Painted base coat first and one coat of the elf nail polish.

Total 2 coats of the elf nail polish champagne #1506

Hmm... I don't hate or dislike this color but I will pass it to my mom since she prefers this color.

Added a bit dots on my nails, forgive me can't type too much now~ Hoping to recover soon and I can use my left hand again wisely with care~ =)

Have a Great Weekend my Dears


  1. Oh you had a hand surgery? I wish you a full and speedy recovery <3

    1. Yes my Dear, Thank you so much. ^^

      I am still under recovering, at least now I can type a bit with my left hand now. =)

  2. What happened to your hand? Hope it recovers quickly though!

    1. I did a surgery, the doctors moved my nerves a bit to avoid my left hand last 2 fingers feel numb. I am still under recovering, hopefully all the swell will go off and can feel normal. =)

      Thank you Darling ^_^

  3. I was sad to hear it...get well soon darling :*

  4. Hope you heal fast! :)
    I have the same problem with some elf products too...Their website is crazy different from the actual product. e_o I really like this brand, but they need to get it together!

    1. Thanks Sweety :)

      I like their brand too >_<
      Hopefully they will change some day~

  5. love the colors...hope you're ok now

    xoxo Wengie

    1. Thanks Babe~ =)

      I am feeling slightly better now. <3

  6. love the nail colour!
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