Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 25 Monogram Canvas

Hello every Babes!! I miss blogging and of course you all so much!~ Sorry for the missing in action, been busy and by the time I'm home, I was so tired!~ On my bed and dozed off... Haha... I guess my body is showing my aging sign. =X

Today is my first post of the year 2014!! Yay alright~ I am going to unbox my new bag the Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 25 in Monogram Canvas. I never thought I will review a designer bag, as I think is time to invest on designer's bags and shoes... Why? Great question! Yes I am growing older hehe... And Yes I do prefer something which can last longer, better quality and matches me easily. Most importantly I regretted why I did not think of buying it earlier... The prices keep increasing which I heard... I googled the bag it was SGD1.6k+ not long ago.. I bought it this month 2nd May for SGD1880 at ION Orchard Singapore's Louis Vuitton Boutique. 

Personally, I really love all bags styles like Speedy Bandouliere, I don't know why but it's my favorite of all time. Because it looks not that big and you can fit in quite a lot of stuffs inside haha.. Also there's a sling for crossbody!! There're other sizes which are bigger, I prefer the smallest 25, I don't like it when it goes too big and when you are carrying it the bag goes out of shape. Ok let's continue~

The LV gorgeous paper bag, comes with the receipt.

My very first LV bag, last long for me please~ =D

Comes with a dust bag.

It supposed to come in a flatter LV Box and the speedy bandouliere should be packed in the box flattened. I requested for a bigger box hehe... Ok the bigger box I will show you below. =)

Monogram Canvas! I didn't expect to have you... I always prefered simple plain color and low profile stuffs, including bags. I was told at the LV Takashimaya Boutique by a male SA that the LV Speedy Bandouliere 25 Damier Ebene Canvas was out of stock, and I think he's not happy with me Lolz... Well I said I don't like the LV's "LV Logos", it's normal to feel pissed off with me haha... Visit LV Boutique and say I don't like it... Opps not that I don't like LV iconic Logo I don't mean that way~ I gave it a thought while shopping around Orchard, discuss with my Mom and Auntie. I think LV put a spell on me LOlz... In the end I went ION Orchard, LV Boutique to purchase the Monogram Canvas. The Damier Ebene Canvas 25 was out of stock too, so I am destined to have Monogram Canvas as my first LV Bag. Isn't it sounded like a Love and Hate relationship? Ok back to unboxing hehe... =O

I am really afraid that I will somehow carelessly spoil the handle and sling leather, as they're really super light in color!!! I suggest if you have the same bag, please keep the sling leather part in the bag if you are not using it. If you want the leather patina nicely together then leave the strap out.

The lock, the SA helped me to attach on the zip, you can remove it or place it at the side D rings of the bag~

The side "D Ring" which you can hang anything you like haha... Yep for attaching the sling~ If you have a normal LV Speedy it does not comes with the D Ring. I don't like hand carry because I am always touching my phone and don't know doing what LOlx... Busy hands I have.

I was alittle worried, because it's my first time buying LV so I ask the SA is it made in France? Because I watched many unboxing and youtube videos about LV Bags and some said they have "Made in USA" or "Made in Spain". The SA told me usually Singapore's LV Boutique Bags are mostly Made in France except some pieces wallets or etc Made in Spain. 

The interior Pocket~ I kept my LV Bag Lock keys inside. =D

The Sling can be shortened and use for shoulder bag.

Earlier on I said I requested a bigger box rather than the actual flatter box mend for the bag. SA told me usually very few customers wants this box... It's my first so I am going to take it but in the future if I am buying any Bag from LV again, I think I will skip the bigger box~ It's pretty heavy Lolz...

You can roughly have an idea how big it was, the BIG LV Paper Bag given to put in the Bigger Box compared to the smaller LV Paper Bag.

I tried to box up the box see how it looks~ It's very easy and the Box quality was indeed excellent. Was not advisable to store the bag in the box always, the bag needs air~

If you prefer hand carry or 'arm carry' =D Opps Chubby me =p

Prefer carrying it side~ Great for Crossbody use especially travelling! Oh Gosh I need to go exercise and back to jogging again~

I am obssessed with Speedy bags... I might get another 1 infuture T_T Yea.. Save more money!! =D Hopefully I don't sound too old and long winded to you all, have a great day ahead~ I miss u guys!!

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  1. Hey Girl, Thank you for such a wonderful detail review! I was looking for Speedy, am not sure to choose between Speedy or Speedy B, now I am sure!! ❤ Will get Speedy B in size 25 too❤❤

    1. I am really glad you make your choice <3

      You can email me or show me your new Bag picture in my FB ^^

  2. By the way sweet blog you got, am following you (:

  3. Lovely SpeedyB... I bought Speedy 30 for my Girlfriend last month.

    1. Haha really? =D
      I quite like Speedy 30 too although there's no crossbody strap, especially the Damier Azur print but I am so not confident caring for light colors.

  4. pretty LV bag.. i miss you so babe! xD


  5. Hello, how're you doing??
    That's a nice bag! It matches your outfit very perfectly!



    1. Hello Dear, I am doing great~ ^^
      Thank you!! Envy the places you went =D

  6. Perfect Bag! One of it in my wishlist, I already got a Speedy 30 and now I can see Speedy B with a crossbody strap more useful. Love your unboxing review!

    1. Thank you Amelia <3

      Speedy 25/30 are also in my wishlist but in Damier Azur =D
      Glad you love my unboxing hehe~

  7. Nice Bag but i dunno how to maintain the process of patina, prefer damier ebene. <3

    1. Thanks Babe~ :)

      I also don't know much of the process of patina, actually I wanted the Damier Ebene but there's no stock that day >_<

      Find the Monogram canvas quite attractive too =D

  8. Big money spend but i think the quality must have been worth-it?
    Anyway nice bag!

    1. Thanks Dear ^^

      Definitely worth it, I seen people carry LV for years and still using <3