Flor Patisserie

Flor Patisserie@Duxton Hill, Japanese inspired French pastry they are my favorite cakes of all time in Singapore. If you love cakes you must try it in Singapore. Flor uses fresh ingredients, non-preservatives and not even a speck of baking powder. 
Their website http://www.cakeflor.com.sg

Today with my dearest cousin Mika she just came back Singapore. We were both craving for Flor's cakes so we went down Duxton Hill today and we saw the cute truck. =D

The cute little shop.

Delicious fresh cakes with fruits~ Now choosing what to eat...

Ready for snapping~ Have you guessed what we ordered? =p

Such a beautiful place to take pictures together with these cute little gorgeous cakes, sorry can't stop selfie. =X

Mika can't wait any more she's too hungry hehe.. 

Kiri Millefeuille SG$7.40

Delicate strands of French chestnut cream piped over sandwich of crisp puff pastry and pastry cream topped with sweetened Japanese chestnuts.

If you love chestnuts, this may be your favorite. =)

Strawberry Souffle SG$7.30

Slow baked Cheese Souffle covered in fresh cream and crumber with crushed almond butter biscuits, finally piled high with fresh strawberry halves.

The Strawberry Souffle is 1 of my favorites, my love for cheese cakes never ends. This is a very light cheese souffle, if you don't like strong cheese cakes this will definitely taste good for your likings. The softness of the cake simply smooth =D

The Blue Donut SG$7.40

Butterfly Pea Mousse infused with honey, made with Authentic Malacca imported Butterfly Pea flower hand extract to make that that beautiful blue colour. Layered with vanilla mousse and Flor’s signature sponge. The middle contains thickened yoghurt sprinkled with crushed pistachios for that added crunch.

What a lovely blue donut, so eye catching and I must have it. Having the first bite I can't taste much but eating it with the middle yoghurt really gives it another level of taste.

If I never had any lunch I will surely order more~ Greedy me hehe... =p

Bye Bye all Darlings we are heading for Cream Udon~