[CLOSED] Waraku Japanese Casual Dining @ The Central 2014

Almost 2 Years I have not eaten Waraku's Cream Udon which is my all time favorite, the restaurant branch I always visit has not been changed, it's still located at The Central. 

Waraku Japanese Casual Dining
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-89/97/98  The Central 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarakuJCD
Website: http://www.waraku.sg

Nothing has changed except the crowds was lesser =(

Here comes our Potato Mentai SG$9.80 it's so delicious today I don't know why but it's the best potato mentai I had in Waraku. Mika was scrapping the left over cheese. =X

As usual all time favorite Salmon Ikura Cream Udon SG$16.80Salmon & Fresh Salmon Roe in Cream Sauce Udon. Surprisingly, the price was same as 2012.

If you love cream sauce and cheese this is the best! Drink it like a soup and if you love to chew chewy texture noodles this may be also become your new love! =D

I just love thick noodles, as I am not a fan of thin noodles. If I haven't eaten at the Flor's I could finish off the last drip of Cream Sauce~ Yummy oh no greedy me =P

Must not forgotten the Salmon Roe, translucent orangey cute little balls! They will burst in your mouth while you bite it haha... Ok I will stop tempting you all~ =P

New to me, the Kanimi Tomato Cream Udon SG$15.80, Crab Meat Stick & Tobiko in Tomato Cream Udon. 

The tomato cream soup base taste more appetizing because of a little sourness from the tomato. Can't beat my Salmon cream Udon but still taste delicious. =)

The Huge Heavy Bowl~~ Mika enjoying the Big bowl of cream udon~ Yummy =D

I promise Mika to come back and have a bowl of Cream Udon before she heads back to UK continue her studies hehe.. =O

So delicious, and the service was excellent today with only 1 manager and 1 staff. Kombate~~~ Waraku please continue on your business prospectively, love your Cream Udon the best in Singapore. 

We came at about 3pm with very little crowds. The place now with more tourists because just outside you can see Clarke Quay.

Stay Healthy after a great meal with balance diet, fruit juice~ Life is nothing better than enjoying your favorite food with your besties and love ones, who enjoyed the same taste as you!~ =)


  1. Truly agree stay happy and healthy. Nice pictures. (:

  2. WoW!! U r making me hungrie Babe..... Looks really yummy to die for o,o

    1. Haha... It is really yummy =P
      Sorry for making you hungry hehe ~

  3. Looks sooo delicious! The pictures make me want to eat in a restaurant, hopefully I get to there soon *-* You both are really beautiful! ^-^/

    1. Hehe... Thanks Darling ^.^

      If you come do let me know ok <3 <3 <3