Hong Kong Short Trip 2

Continue from HK Short Trip 1, we went Woosung Street to look for Dried Seafood. This is a must go place, Tak Hing was introduced by Mary, she will visit this shop to buy back dried seafood for her mother and relatives whenever she comes Hong Kong. The one in red is our lovely lady Mary and her son, Sharon was playing with her phone camera and took a picture of us, Yan is wearing yellow and I am looking nerdy hiding behind. =X 

Dried seafood I only know about dried scallops, I always love to use it in my soup and my mom loves to use it for cooking veges and braising pork/meat/etc, it's like bacon that gives out aroma, but in a more healthier way for Chinese style cooking. My mommy was not around so I am not sure what to buy for her, as I only know what's dried scallops haha... Well I regretted... I should buy more back! The dried scallops tasted super delicious, was told by the uncle seller that the dried scallops were from Japan, Hokkaido.

Our lady Mary bought dried oysters too, if you're into dried seafood visit Tak Hing. =D
If you happened to visit Hong Kong, buy some back they're cheaper than Singapore's dried seafoods.

Street 1 Woosung Street
Extras Yau Ma Tei

The new modern buildings and old buildings.

We had our lunch today at The Spaghetti House, Peking Road(Tsimshatsui) Branch. The food was quite nice except I had a bad experience stopped by a Lady Staff, I was rudely being treated.. She shouted loudly at me and say I did not pay the bill. ~_~

Besides that, my group heard her mumbling about me not paying "in the toilet"... Really ridiculous! Anyway I have reported the matter to their management, got an apology from the Assistant Director(Operation). Sighs, point is I was humiliated in the public infront of so many people... =(

Couple pictures of the menu, and yes it's a restaurant with 10% Service Charge.

Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken and Garlic Toast.

Hawaiian Pizza.

Spaghetti Bolognese.

Fettuccine with Seafood in Cream Sauce.

If there's any chance to visit Hong Kong again yes I will dine at The Spaghetti House, other branches. =)

To be Continued HK Short Trip next post... Haha I know right? Still no much me in any pictures, to be honest with you guys my hair was terrible haha~ ^_^

Human errors~ Food don't waste. Love Qoqo


  1. Omg the lady staff sounds so unreasonable. Sorry to hear that from you girl, by the way nice food pictures!! :)

  2. wahhh i want go hong kong badly! T.T the food looks delicious. . .

  3. ohh I'm craving for pasta now :9 The trip looks so fun ^^


    1. Hehe~ Thanks Dear, I'm also craving for pasta now =P

  4. It looks so yummy!
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  5. Looks likke such an amazing place! I'd love to visit it some time.

    Froso M.
    Style Nirvana


  6. HongKong looks so exciting! I can't wait to visit someday.. the food are the best :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

    1. I bet you will enjoy much more than me Dear ^^
      As I did not managed to visit more places.

  7. I feel so sorry for you! ; < That was very rude behavior from the lady staff! Once one guard suspected that I and my friend have stolen something from the store. I was so ashamed when people watched and believed that we are thieves.