Hong Kong Short Trip 5

I was really late for updating my blog this month, so sorry Dearies~ T_T

This is finally my last Short Hong Kong Trip update~ The last 2 days "to be accurate 1 and a half days", me and Yan moved to stay at the Regal Airport Hotel. The purpose of staying at Regal Airport Hotel is because we can visit CityGate Outlet to shop for 80 international brands with great discounted price and also visit Lantau Island, 1 of Hong Kong's Tourist Attraction.

Going up our room, the view outside the hotel.

A short peek of our room. =)

Sadly, Yan fell sick with flu + fever + cough + sore throat since last 2 days~ And yes she passed it to me on the day we reached here. T_T

I have got to say my immune system was really weak... This is the 3rd time I got sick travelling overseas. Next time I got to take vitamins with me, I am not a vitamin daily intake person~ 

Recently, for so many years I thought my face is just only hyper-sensitive skin... I can't put make up everyday on my face, and I easily get redness with unsuitable products that contain perfume, alcohol and so on... Super sensitive skin I got~ My dermatologists has never told me what I was diagnose of. My ex dermatologist Dr Loke, once told me that my face can never be cured but he did not say what I am diagnose of.. Not long ago, I got a news from my cousin that Dr Loke passed away... How sad~ Anyway I have not seen him for 1-2yrs time and I switched to Dr SK Tan recently for about a couple of months. Sorry to bored you Dearies, just a recent update of me, my face. T_T

Thanks to Trina Leavers, besides watching her youtube unboxing and Q&A videos, I happened to watch her Rosacea cure. I started suspecting myself am I diagnosed with Rosacea? And yes I am officially diagnosed with Rosacea... I asked Dr SK Tan am I diagnosed with Rosacea? He answered me, yes. I got mild Rosacea... T_T

Rosacea has no cure... I have been spending so much money, it will come back again and it might turn more worse... I will update again, right now I switched all my skincare, shampoo and body wash to Tea Tree Oil products. Hopefully I will recover soon~ Recently, I have very serious breakouts, crazy redness around my cheeks, super dry skin, flaky skin which you don't dare to peel it off, itchiness and I dare not to scratch, painfulness because it's super dry... The worse part is, it won't recover like I used to be. In the past, if I don't apply anything and let my skin rest... My skin will slowly heal itself, but this time not anymore and I never had such serious breakouts. Ok not Rosacea post hehe... Will update after using the correct products.

Yan and I were sick but we're too hungry so we grabbed Mcdonald's. She had wasabi! I am impressed by her she still can eat spicy food when she's sick. Haha =X

Well, I will never get bored of cheese burgers and fillet o fish.

Yan has been eyeing the Maxim's Mango and Pistachio Crispy Cake so many days in Hong Kong and we finally saw 1 outlet at the Airport~ This is so delicious!! What a great combination~ Yummy~~

After the meal, the 2 sick kitties have to take a good long sleep~

The next day, I fell more sick.. Omg.. but have to just go for a walk, so we walk out the Regal Airport Hotel, cross the road and there's a bus stop, take a bus to CityGate. The weather seems to be windy, hazy and seems to rain anytime. So, we decided not to go Lantau Island because of the weather plus we both were sick... 

We need a break walking inside CityGate, went to our favorite cafe and have a cup of coffee~ I mentioned my favorite strawberry banana Chilino but I was sick so can't drink.

I had my cappuccino and Yan felt better I guess, she seems drinking orange juice for vitamin c~

We had fish congee at food republic and head back to our hotel. Nothing much I can do dragging my sick body around, lost mood of shopping and no further strength to walk more~

Took a nap till night, we came down to have our dinner at Itamae Sushi 板前壽司.

Terminal 2, Level 6, Sky Plaza, Hong Kong International Airport.

Yan had rice, comes with set of salad and miso soup.

I had tempura udon~ They got very special Udon, usually the udon I had were all very thick haha... Ok~ after dinner we head back to our room and sleep again~ Waiting for Sharon, May and her son back from Macau, flying back to Singapore together later 5am+.

My last meal in Hong Kong! I got to say the mcdonald's queue was super long and slow... The queue total waiting is near 1 hour... Insane! The special thing is that they serve soy bean milk. This is the reason I love to try out every country's Mcdonald's, trying something new. =D

Yay Bye bye Hong Kong!~ I miss home so much~ T_T

Don't be like me Babes, look after your body and take vitamins everyday! Staying at Regal Airport Hotel I have no regrets, love it for the convenience. 

Look after your Health Babes! Love Qoqo


  1. Sorry to hear about your skin, hope you recover well qoqo. Great hk trip thanks for sharing =]

    1. Thank you so much Sweetheart, I have recovered by using a skincare product recommended by my friend. ^_^

  2. Hong Kong sounds so fun!! hehe all that food XD
    btw, I'd like to invite you to my giveaway where you could win $90 worth of korean cosmetics!
    I hope you'll check it out & join~
    xx Charmaine

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    1. Haha u can see I love food :X
      Thank you for inviting~ <3 <3

  3. Aww cuuute photos sweetheart!! <3

  4. Lovely photos, i hope you enjoyed your trip and those food had me drooling! Oh god! The cake was all in my mind!

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    Visit my blog: www.sarahrizaga.blogspot.com

    1. Haha Thank U my Dear ^^
      I am seriously 1 of the greedious person on the planet for cakes. =X

  5. wowww! I've never seen McD wasabi burger before! I wonder how it would taste like, because wasabi would only be great with sashimi in my opinion lolol..


    1. Haha.. me too Dear~ I never seen a wasabi burger before, they mix
      wasabi with mayonnaise. =X


  6. Oh very great pics, I hope on your next trip you feel great of health!
    All the food looks delicious and very cute pics,


    1. Thank you Dear~ I will look after my health for my next trip ^^


  7. Oh wow, the hotel looks really cool! Must be nice to stay there :) The food looks so yummy too, I love HK food! =D

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

    1. Lucky I stayed in this hotel for the last 2 days, if not I will feel worse for my health. =D
      Yes Hunnie~ HK food are really yummy ^^


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