Bloch White Black Classica Pearl Ballet Flats & My Recent Updates

Sorry for the late update again, was very depressed by my face reactions. But Thank God I found cure within this month, I promise to share my cure with you Dearies soon. Today I am here to share my mini unboxing of Bloch shoes and post some recent updates that I missed~

I decided to purchase Bloch White Black Classica Pearl Ballet Flats because I was searching for a pair of white shoes for a very long time, plus it must be a pair of very comfortable shoes. I got the most crazy feet you can never imagine~ You will never see me wearing high heels, the most I am able to wear will be the heels not covered, sling strap at the back.

Again I bought from the Usa site, have to order from agent to ship to my us address then Singapore to reach me. Looks very normal and simple, let's see if the quality worths the price.

Took pictures with my phone camera once I received the package. Here's the Bloch's shoe box below.

How pretty inside the box~ Bloch is an Australian Shoe Brand, they made high quality dancing shoes. Checkout their website to know more about their history. =)

The pretty dust bag with ribbon.

Inside the dust bag, the shoes were each wrapped with Bloch wrapping paper.

Took out the stuffings and the back Bloch cupboard, if you notice the Black cap toe is uneven... I was so disappointed first time purchasing Bloch shoes~ But I am afraid returning/exchanging back to Usa will be a hastle, so I guess I will need to accept what it is...

Click the picture if you want to view larger~ The back and the bottom of the shoes, I ordered size 39, I got True-to-Size US8 1/2 wearing sport shoes. Saw the sticker at the bottom, Made in Vietnam~

The inner part material seems similar to my Ferragamo Joyful which I have gave to my mommy.

I am not really excited for this pair of shoes.. =(

Maybe getting a pair of Chanel shoes will be on my list next time~ 

Feels pretty comfortable wearing it, but I may need to break in a little infront. Haven't worn them out yet~ 

Let me know your thoughts of your Bloch ballet flats if you own them. ^^

Got to wear them till they can't be worn~ 

Was late updating what I did~ Jessica and me went to watch Lucy having the special Elite seat, it's more comfy+spacious than normal cinema seats. =D

My ghost face "before my skin reaction" in the cinema!~ =X

Then we went to have our favorite Udon at Men Men Don Don~ So Yummy if you like thick noodles with lots of eggs~ =P

You probably not used to my hair, me too! Coz I had bangs for years~ I decided to grow my fringe because I was being bullied recently by strangers... Being treated like a kid. Anyways, I am already 29 yrs old, now I really look like 1 haha or even older. =X

After eating Udon at Men Men Don Don, Jessica still wants to eat Haha... So we were shopping at Orchard and decided to eat at Sushi Tei, Takashimaya branch.

Ikura Chawanmushi(salmon roe on steamed egg custard) - SG$7.90

Here comes my Salmon roe Chawanmushi, so delicious you can feel the salmon roe burst 1 by 1 in out mouth~ =D

Lobster Salad Gunkan Sushi - SG$5.40

Never get bored of Lobster Salad sushi unless you can't take lobster. T_T

Hanasaki Ika Tempura(squid with smelt roe tempura) - SG$6.20

I love fried calamari, so chewy and oily haha.. Ok I immediately gained some weight the next day. =(

Jessica never get bored of Udon... I never met someone who can eat Udon for every meal~ Haha... The Nabemono Sukiyaki(sliced beef, beancurd & vegetable cook with sweet soy-base soup) - SG$16.80~ Add on Udon SG$5.20~

Went my Relative's wedding on September at Raffles Marina.

Waiting for the wedding dinner~

This was at home preparing before going to the wedding dinner~ My new red sofa from Ikea. =)

I am still figuring which angle to take picture for this hair. ^_^

Food Temptations Everywhere~ Eat well Dearies


  1. Are you serious you are 29?? You look so young...
    By the way, cute shoes and you look gorgeous! XOXO

  2. Love the shoebox design :D The flats look so cute too.
    Btw you make me crave for sushi! :9


  3. Simply gorgeous shoes!! I heard of Bloch and many celebrities wear them.
    You are a beauty qoqo :)

  4. The shoes are really cute ^-^ I like those little bows.

    I LOVE your cat shirt : D

  5. You look sooo gorgeous hunny!! And those ballet flats are really adorable.. I'd wear them everyday =D

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  6. Oh sweetie I love it the flats!
    Very cute that shoes!
    the food looks delicios!