Bai Nian Yong Tau Foo

Do you know that Singaporeans love Yong Tau Foo? During Lunch hours most of the working adults were seen queuing oftenly at any Yong Tau Foo stall, but Bai Nian Yong Tau Foo queues all day long. Bai Nian means "100 years or Century" and Yong Tau Foo means beancurd filled with ground meat mixture or fish paste, also vegetable filled with the ground meat mixture or fish paste. 

What is so special about the Bai Nian Yong Tau Foo (百年酿豆腐 ) that makes you queue at least 20mins? Unlike other places they serve many types of noodles and some even provide rice, but the Bai Nian Yong Tau Foo only serve "Bee Hoon", thin rice noodles without extra charge.

They have only 6 types of ingredients all hand-made which made them so unique. It took me 30mins to queue during a weekday lunch hour, and I remembered even non-peak hour took me 20mins. 

What makes me crave everytime was their sweet & springing handmade minced prawn that made me a come back customer. 

Willingly to queue for their bowl of heartwarming handmade Yong Tau Foo together with the natural refreshing soup even if I need to queue for 30mins.

SG$4.50 or SG$5.50

*If you want Bee Hoon no additional charge.

百年 (Bai Nian Yong Tau Foo)
Albert Centre 
270 Queen Street
Singapore 180270

Operating Hours
7.30am - 9.00pm