Mad About Sucre

Having the most idiosyncratic cakes that will blew your mind off using unbleached organic flour, no preservative, lessen sweetness, no pre-mixes and no artificial color can be enjoyed at "Mad About Sucre".

Most of the cakes are seasonal so you get to enjoy new created flavors except the signatures.

Seasonal cake, Sunkissed. (SG$20.70 include tea set)

Sunkissed - Pink Guava, light cheese, Normandy sablé. Sunkissed was by far the best cake I have ever tasted in my life, rating it as my first gold medal winner. My taste buds has finally upgraded to another level letting me to expose extraordinary clash in a precised approach.

Each cake comes with a pairing tea set.

The gorgeous vibrant E-Ti. (SG$21.90 include tea set)

E-Ti - Cold-dripped espresso coffee, Dark chocolate, Organic almonds, Spanish mandarin orange, Nut sponge, Chantilly cream.

The doubtless signature San Domingue. (SG$20.70 include tea set)

San Domingue - Dark chocolate mousse, Rum, Caramelized plantain, Britny crunch. If you are a chocolate lover San Domingue must not be missed in your life.

Apart from creating one of the best patisseries in Singapore, the staffs were professionally well-trained with terrific knowledge explaining their creations and how to enjoy each cake veraciously.

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Mad About Sucre
27 Teo Hong Rd
Singapore 088334

DID: +65 6221 3969

Opening Hours
Tues to Sat
1230pm to 10pm 

1230pm to 5pm 


Website: http://www.madaboutsucre.com

*For more accurate information please check their website.