Men Men Don Don Hillion Mall

Are you also craving for some Japanese simple comfort food like me sometimes? Love to have a bowl of hot udon on a cooling day? Then you got to head down to Men Men Don Don to experience the Seafood Udon version of Okayodon "Japanese Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl".

I would say their Udon is cooked softer but with the plus of eggs this good bowl of udon comforts your body thoroughly.

The Hotate Tamago Udon (SG$8.50)

My favorite Ebi Tamago Udon (SG$8.80)

I had the Udon for years since the west mall branch now I am so glad that I get to enjoy them anytime which is much more nearer to where I live. Hooray!

Men Men Don Don (Hillion Mall)
17 Petir Rd
Hillion Mall
Singapore 678278

Tel: +65 6266 1858
Website: http://mmdd.com.sg/

*Please refer to their website for more accurate information.

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