Kindred Folk

On a Sunny day especially in Singapore, the all year summer country, ice cream will always be your number one cravings you urge for. Not only being affordable, hand-made quality, flavorful and not overly sweet ice cream can be discovered at Kindred Folk.

You will not regret trying their "Fried Chicken Drumlets (3pc for SG$5.50)" and 
"Straight-cut Fried Fries with Assorted Homemade Dips choice of 2 for SG$7". 

*Sun-dried Tomato Dip(highly recommended by me), Wasabi Mayo, Gojuchang Mayo, Roasted Garlic Aioli.

If you are a spicy+cheesy person like me, grab some to sprinkle onto your fries.

You cannot believe I actually came back few days later just for the "Pure Hazelnut Flavor".

Try the exotic flavors "Watermelon-Kalamansi Sorbet" with "Wasabi", gives you an illusion of having sashimi sushi. It brings my mind to mentaiko sauce plus wasabi paste, how interesting.

The must try combined flavors "Pure Hazelnut" with "Belgium Dark Chocolate".

Ice cream
Basic: $3.70 (Single) $6.50 (Double) 
Premium: $4.70 (Single) $8.50 (Double) 
Basic + Premium: $7.50 (Double) 

Charcoal Waffle Cone +$1 
Fried Mantou +$1 
Charcoal Waffles $6 

*Ice-cream +$3.10 per scoop, (+$1 additional for premium) 
*Better than Bailey’s ice cream $10 per scoop 

Kindred Folk
9 King Albert Park
#01-09, Singapore 598332

Phone: +65 69283043

Opening Hours
Mon, Tue, Thu: 12pm-10pm
Wed: 12pm-10.30pm
Fri-Sun: 12pm-11pm

Website: http://kindredfolk.sg

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