Playful Kiss Korean Drama

I love this drama "Kiss", a Korean Drama. It is named as Playful Kiss/Mischievous Kiss/Kiss of a Practical Joke in English. In Chinese, "恶作剧之吻" & in Korean "달콤한 키스".

It is a very sweet love, comedy drama. Must watch! I love the leading male actor 金贤重(Kim Hyun Joong! Handsome~ lOlz.... He also acted in "Flower Four" Korean Drama =)

The funniest part is always 李泰成, the 2nd male leading actor. I always laughing when he is acting in the drama, he is funny haha... Pity him in the show, he likes the leading female actress so much for 4years but she doesn't like him. There is always happy ending, for the leading male & female actors.