Rebonding with Lynna

Lynna is currently doing Rebonding and Digital Perm at her home, Marsiling. She only charge $70 for all length type of hairs, maybe $80 for hair longer than waist. She uses Shishedo products for rebonding, I saw many of her reviews at Flowerpod forums, so decided to try, below is my outcome~ My grown out hair is on top the black colour part, 

buttom looks dark brown dyed part are all rebonded by Kimage Salon. My hair is super frizzy and dry especially my ends :( Contact Lynna at 92290888 feel free to ask her enquiries she is very kind and friendly and look young~ The pictures are not retouched.
Lynna just opened her Salon opposite Marsiling MRT, just cross the bridge, while walk down the stair case will see my shop name PERFECT HAIR by Lynna.


  1. Price increased but still doing rebonding with her, I can't find anyone else who understands my complicated hair any more. She has moved to Woodlands 888 Plaza. Salon: Hair Clinique 01-751.

    1. It seems like the salon in 888 is closed. Do u know where is she relocated to?

    2. I don't think Lynna's home saloon is really that cheap. If you go to a proper saloon, the hairdresser usually will open the brand new shisedo Rebonding chemical and other chemical one by one and mixed all ingredients in front of you with some explanations and you know what exactly the hairdresser applied on your hair. When doing the mixture, Lynna will purposely be too talkative in order to distract you away when she mixed the ingredients and of course she won't show you one by one and you won't know what she has shortchanged you. Her skill is not really that good and at the best interest of the customers as she will apply all chemicals directly onto your scalp. In a proper saloon, professional hairdresser will minimise the contact of chemicals to your scalp as all these chemical can be carcinogenic and harmful to skin. Lynna can be very hard selling. Some customers shared with me she will try to hard sell MLM products. She can also be very nosy and tried to find out about your background and evaluate whether she has the chance to up sell or charge higher. Inflation is just an excuse, when all other saloons stay the same in price for years, she will keep increasing her price.

  2. She has relocated her salon back to home. :)

  3. Fyi, I have switched again to other salons for the past few years. If you have any enquiries please contact her through whatsapp.