Hot Tomato Cafe & Grill

Today me and my friend went Orchard, for last min shopping.
We went Hot Tomato Cafe & Grill at Somerset 313 for dinner, she say their Caesar Salad taste not bad. In the end we ordered Fish & Chips and Seafood Baked Rice. When Ordering we were told Ice water is charged at $0.30 per cup, hmm some places do charge but come on Ice water are usually from the tap water with ice.

My friend told the waiter $0.30 only can you don't charge, it's kinda weird. Well, he's so kind he said ok!

So I am kind too I intended to post some pictures of the Cafe and food we ordered. =P

The cafe is so cute right? So many Tomatoes all over the most cute thing I like is the Red Lamp haha...

I wanted to sit on the round seats, looks like sitting in a Tomato. =D

The Menu.

$0.30 Free Ice Water Per Cup, Lolz.

Fish & Chips, the fish is just normal breaded fish fried, it is pretty small too. But the fries are yummy! So Crispy! We will definitely go back Hot Tomato for their fries again. It's only $9.90 but service charges haven't added yet.  
Ratings: 6/10

Seafood Baked Rice, too little cheese and the cream sauce is too blend. The Seafood taste fresh especially the prawns very "Q". Presentation can be improve a bit more. 
The prawns helped the Baked Rice to get a just pass.
Ratings: 5/10

Where to eat Hot Tomato?
You can google their website for information.

How do I Rate?
I Rate according to the price, interior design, customer service and food. 

The Price is counted as reasonable, to have a cafe located at Somerset. 8/10

Interior design cosy and cute plus the colors are striking and easy to discover. 9/10

Portion can be improved. 5/10

Customer Service: very friendly and kind, this is the first time I ever seen any cafe or restaurants with such efficient customer service. 10/10 

Food overall 6.5/10
Overall Ratings 7/10 
I will still come again <3

Will you recommend Hot Tomato?
Yes, it is suitable for small group friends gathering, plus the price is pretty reasonable, but the place is not big enough to have big group of customers.

After our dinner we wanted to eat some Yogurt so we bought it at, Yami Yogurt.
No Ratings needed haha...

Green Apple Flavor taste so Green Apple and cooling! Yum Yum.
Suddenly reminds me of GEO Princess Mimi Green Apple haha... 


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  1. GREAT BLOG ! so colourful , so cute ! LovE so MucH !

  2. Thanks Tanya Babe <3
    Visited yours too it is awesome and followed as well :)

  3. How kind of the waiter!!!! I've never thought of asking them to not charge for water o.O

    The Seafood Baked Rice looks kinda good though.. pity it is so bland =[

  4. Ya Babe,

    I never thought of asking them not to charge for water too haha... My friend says she tried before and most are ok with it. lolz...