q0q0's February Korea Trip 6

Continue our next location, Submarine at Jeju Island. It was also a must go place for tourists. :)

We're going to take a ferry to the location.

Mika and her Mommy welcoming pose. Welcome on board! =D

A view near the sea, there's a little red light house, it reminded me of Korean Dramas again, in Korea there's a lot of light house. The breaking up scenes and memory of someone in Korean Dramas, they will always visit a nice light house scenery to film the scene. =D

In the ferry, snap snap. <3

Teach our Mommies to play Camera Self-shot mode. =X

I felt sea sick during the ferry ride, haha still fine. GEO XCK-105 Super Magic Circle Black, I wear it most of the times.

Finally we reached in the middle of the waters, and got into a mini submarine, waiting everybody to settle down some are still making their way down~
Flash Light Mode in the dark when we were down pretty bottom of the waters. We really don't know what fishes or sea creatures they wanted us to see and the crews speaks only Korean Languages.

Yesh, there's something to see finally, it was dark and blury under the sea, they have a diver to feed the fishes so they will swim 1 round towards our Submarine. He waved to us~

We still can't figure out what they wanted us to see! Probably some sea corals? I see none seriously...

Now going back by sitting the ferry. Yay Did you notice something? I love Pink and Mika loves Blue~

Next we went to one of the Mandarin Orange Farm at Jeju Island. While travelling, the Tour Guide told us about their Govt cared about old people at Jeju island, you can see many mandarin orange stalls there. The Govt bought all the old people's Oranges. They don't have work due to their age, so as long as they are willing to plant Mandarin Oranges the Govt are willing to buy from them and they can live on.

Their colors are so matching with the Mandarin Orange Ring!

And me popping out from the Ring. <3

We were told to pluck 2-4 Oranges each per person, the Mandarin Oranges in Korea are not sweet. =X

All the items there made me think of Da Chang Jin"Dae Jang Geum" Starring Lee Young Ae. A tale of a kitchen cook who became the King's first female physician. It was the most famous hit world wide of Korean's Traditional Drama for their Traditional Culture, Royal Court cuisine etc.

This is how you pluck the Oranges? =X

For so many places we visited, finally we were able to have our lunch!~ So hungry after eating the Breakfast Abalone Porridge... This was also delicious too, it was pork again~ =p We'd many pork meals in Korea. I wanted to eat beef~
The must have side dishes I see in Korea, the Kimchi definitely and also the Tofu-Like Skin taste abit sweet and the texture is very "Q" looks like korean fish cakes. And the Seaweed soup. =X

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  1. you have big and beautiful eyes :)

  2. Thanks Babe :)
    You look totally Awesome too <3

  3. Beautiful setting, I've never been inside a submarine before, I'd be totally scared of all the water around me!

  4. Hunnie <3 I am also scared too when I am under the sea, worry about what if the Submarine goes wrong~ nobody can escape >_<

  5. Hi there ! ^^
    Korea looks like fun ! I'm jealous ! My cousin went there last year , but it was only for one day ! hehe
    I love your blog , your review on circle lenses especially ! Please keep up the good work ! ^^


  6. Hi,
    Great pictures and experience
    I'm jealous, Africa and Cameroon in particular is totally different
    That makes me jealous wishing for a lifetime opportunity