[CLOSED] The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC)

"TCC (The Connoisseur Concerto)", it's a nice ambiance Cafe that can be seen in Singapore located in various places. Whenever I feel tired of walking, I will visit TCC for a drink and some food.

Usually, I will enjoy the drinks, finger food and cakes at TCC. But today me and Jessica decided to try out the Pasta, after we ordered then realized there's a 1 for 1 Pasta Promotion. The waitress told us the Promotion will end around End of July.

TCC branch located at Somerset.

Outside of TCC, Orchard Central =)

I love the Mirror, you can see me in the reflection <3
I don't like the picture there -->

The interior decoration was fairly pretty and comfortable.

I saw the drink was pretty on the Menu so yes, you're the one!
Beside that you can see my iPhone, cover is definitely Hellokitty with bling bling ^^

I find that Jessica loves Pastas especially Seafood! She missed Pastamania's Seafood Miso Pasta but they have taken off the menu.

Well as for me, I will surely go for anything creamy, cheesy and more flavored! I prefer my pasta to be thick always than choosing Spaghetti long and thin. But our favorites was always Linguine, they have no Linguine. =(

Cute? On the Tissue Serviettes.

The Drink was pretty =)
Jessica using my iPhone to take <3

The Prawns and Scallop were very fresh and chewy... But the taste of the Spaghetti was too blend. 

Here comes my Smoked Halibut Tagliatelle, the flavor was very strong I love it <3
Suits my taste too, Jessica tried and helped me to eat some because I can't finish. There are lots of mushrooms in it yummy! 

I choose the cake because of White chocolate. =D
Yummy love it <3

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  1. Yuuum, I love pasta and cakes! Your halibut dish looks very appetizing btw haha~ I must drop by TCC the next time I visit SG

  2. Haha Hun <3

    I love all creamy + cheezy stuffs~
    Do drop by :D

  3. OMG your drink looks amazing ♥♥ and I want to try that caaakeee~

  4. Hehe Babe,
    The drink is really pretty =)

    Taste is sweet & sour + some gas

    The cake will melt in your mouth >_<~

  5. yummy! that cake looooks great ♥

  6. Oh man-- your Tagliatelle has my mouth watering. @_@ I think I might try and cook pasta with salmon tomorrow. Then, I can pretend I have a meal as good as your meal from TCC. ; - ; Haha.

    Anyway, I really like the interior decoration: mirrors are easy to over-use, but TCC seems to have just the correct amount of mirrors. <3 Makes the restaurant look spacious.

    Aw man-- you make me wanna' visit SG and go to all these amazing places.

    P.S. The little message on the serviettes is cute. :3 Actually... it reminds me of V's monologue in 'V for Vendetta'. xD

  7. @Linh: Hee Babe yes the cake is yummy <3

    @Noxin: Hun I feel like you are talking to me on your video. Haha :X

    Awesome, you should cook it and maybe take some pictures or maybe video. =p

    "How to cook delicious and pretty Salmon Pasta" <3

    Do visit SG next time hee <3

    We can go TCC~

  8. muito linda essa fotos parabéns