Picnic at West Coast Park

Today we've decided to meet some lovely friends and relatives for a chilling Picnic at West Coast Park. Me and Emi waiting for Mika at West Coast Park's Macdonald, she's a bit late.

While waiting for Mika's arrival, we decided to try out Macdonald's Chocolate Melts.
It was really hot, quite yummy for the first and second bites but afterwards it just taste too much if you eat all.

 Finally here comes Mika, help us to finish the Chocolate Melts!

Smile! Ready to meet our Mommies and Relatives.

When we reached, they have already settled down on the ground. Fufu is teaching all the aunties how to play UNO! We joined in too.

This was also my first time playing UNO while Picnic. Everyone were enjoying playing UNO. =D

BeiX2 was so cute, she was playing sand by herself and wanted any losers of UNO to accompany her build sand castle.

Emi and me were really 2 very colorful vain pots. <3

The lens I'm wearing was EOS Mega Light Pop-C Pink WM-202. Too bad I really love these lenses but threw it away.

These are homemade Sushi Rice Dumplings with Meat Floss and little fish eggs by my Mommy. There are other food too but I only shot these. My Mommy also cooked a pot of Macaroni. We had Japanese Peas too! I didn't know that Japanese Peas for Picnic suits so well... The great thing of having picnic with aunties is they will prepare the food, we kids just enjoy and eat. =P

At night we went Mac again for ice cream. It was really a cheerful day for all of us to relax, sometimes an outdoor activity can relieve stress for everyone~

While leaving West Coast Park at night, I asked Emi to pose! Gosh her top was really striking & glowing in the dark, maybe if there are no lights she is still shining. <3

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  1. Looks like so much fun ^^ and your looking super pretty ^^

  2. Too much yummy food <O<

    I love your outfit in combination with the rather simple make-up ^o^

  3. Gotta check out McD for Chocolate Melts!!! Yuuum, all that food sounds delish~ And how was the weather during your picnic? It's mighty hot these days =[

  4. @Lita: Hee it was really a relaxing fun day. Thanks Babe :)

    @Anna: Hunnie haha the food were simple & yum yum <3 Thankie Hun <3

    Am I too Pink? =X

    @Blair: Yep Hun check out for the Chocolate Melts! Becareful it is quite hot and drink more water after eating it, very heaty. ^^ I've seen White chocolate at Mac Cafe but I think it is serve only chill not hot. =)

    Luckily the weather was not very hot. ^^

  5. LOL. Emi's glow-in-the-dark top. <3 (Maybe you should somehow add glow-in-the-dark- paint on it? So the next time she wears it, it truly WILL glow in the dark. xD)

    And oh my-- your shirt is so pretty!! I LOVE bright colours-- and they definitely suit you very well. :] Especially with those lenses-- their colour really pops out more.

    Glad you had such a relaxing and fun day with family. (Especially with all the free & delicious food. ;P)

  6. Looks like you had a fun day~ And I love how colorful your outfits are~

  7. Aw so much fun~ Family outings are the best ^^


  8. Your blog is so cute and your style is very kawaii ! Love it :)

    Fashion and Cookies

  9. Looks like you had a fun time hun ;D <3
    wooo, i love your lensess, too bad you threw it away ;o you look gorgious <3

  10. @Noxin: Haha Hun Yep hehe...

    Thx Hun I was trying to be abit more colorful for the day as I am always wearing black color clothes. =X

    The Day was really relaxing especially yea the Free food :P

    @PopBlush: Thankies Babe, it was really a fun Day. :)

    @Vale: Thanks dear ^^

    @Jennifer: Hee I love the lenses too >< I might purchase again same design hehe... Thanks dear <3