A Carefree Day

It's still Chinese New Year, after having so many days of New Year feasts, we decided to travel to Esplanade and Marina Bay Sands for a walk. =)
We were strolling outside Esplanade. Took out the Camera and our first selfie shot =X

From our direction, there's a shot of MBS"Marina Bay Sands" just opposite.

My Mom & Mika's Mom ^^

Mika and me selfie again~ =D

Happy Family =O

My Mom & Mika~

Mika's Mom & Dad still loving holding Hands, reminds me of Korean Love Drama Shows. =X

Me & my Mom~

Mika's Mom shooting Mika, "Give me a Pose"~

The sun was getting brighter~ Phew hotter >_<

Mommy likes to take pictures =X

Next we travel to Singapore's Universal Studios outside, we prefer cooler countries when having fun in theme parks~ There are many tourists =)

This year 2012, for Chinese is the year of the Dragon, most babies to be born every Dragon year. Chinese believe Dragon year is the most lucky year.

Mika was also borned on Dragon Year. =O

Sisters =O

Welcome to Hard Rock Cafe =O

The Giant Shower was really cool... Wonder how the water absorbed into the carpet rapidly~ =X

Love the light Blue flowers behind us~ Say Cheese =D

It's really A Carefree Day for us ^^ Great to take pictures with your love ones <3

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  1. I love your necklace! It's sooooo cute! ♥

  2. aww it looks like a nice place! We don't have any like that here, I really want to go to Singapore now.

    1. just dropping by to say I tagged you!

  3. @Mai Linh: Thanks Dear I miss you Blogging >_<

    @pricillia lumantoro: :) Come again ^^

    @LemonberryLulu: I want to go to your place =D

  4. That looks like a nice walk! And the weather was so bright and pretty!!
    The mom and dad holding hands is so adorable too! Haha cute ^^

    xx THT Christina

  5. I want to so to SG again >o< I only went once when I was small so I don't have any memories of it :(
    Want to go to the universial studio there too!! I've been to the one in Japan, wonder if it's any different ^o^ Your mum's so fasionable~!! <3

  6. It looks like you all had a fantastic time!

  7. wow this place looks so fun and beautiful! you look great too ^__^

  8. the mums look so pretty, and i love mika's mum's dress! looks like you all had a lovely time there as well :D and I'm wondering, what are you wearing on your lips :o


  9. Lovely and fun family photos! Love your make-up look too ^^
    Looks like a great day out <3

  10. omy so pretty!! would be visiting *hopefully* sometime soon =)

  11. suchh pretty pictures deaar! <33
    and i'm inlove with your haircolor .__.

  12. Your moms are so fashionable! haha I really like the giant shower.. looks so pretty. I can only imagine incredible shoots you could have taken inside that thing!

  13. such a pretty place! :) and pretty picture's ^^ and i love Mika's top :) both of you have such a cute style! ^^

  14. sooo pretty and nicee pictureeess!! ^^ p.s. cant believe u r 27!!!! O_O
    tell me all your secrets!! :P

    check out my blog when u can :)