Tony Roma's @ Suntec City

My Dad was craving for Tony Roma's Famous Ribs so we decided to dine at Tony Roma's on his Birthday. It's been few years back since I dined at Tony Roma's, the location of the restaurant has moved in Suntec City, I still prefer the old Tony Roma's interior design compared to the recent one.
3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-123 
Suntec City Mall, Tower 5
  Singapore 038983

Operating Hours:
Monday - Friday 
11.30am - 3.00pm (Last order: 2:30pm) 
6.00pm - 10.00pm (Last order: 9:30pm) 

Thursday - Sunday (including PH) 
11.30am - 10.00pm (Last order: 9:30pm)

Missed the old interior design which look more classy~ Used to be long queue everytime and I need to wait very long with my friends last time.. They just relocated the location on the 7th of June 2012! :(

You can find Tony Roma's Menu on their website, I actually love Restaurants have their menu include price on their website because this totally suits people like me to choose and decide what to order before I dine at the restaurant. Personally, I take very long time to browse and take my order~ =)

The Tony's Dessert TR!O is not included on their website menu, so I took a photo of the dessert in the menu.

Our starters, Baguette and Garlic butter spread

*Note: A complimentary Baguette and Garlic Butter Spread.

The small baguette is crispy and can feel the warmness mixed perfect with their garlic butter spread.

Soup of the Day, Mushroom Soup (SG$6.90)

Wow I can say the Mushroom Soup tasted really good! =D

Onion Loaf, Full (SG$13.90)

The Onion Loaf is huge... Haha, Ok you might want to order Half of it next time if you 
visit Tony Roma's. Half for SG$9.90 ^^

Real and fresh onions stripes put together and fried with their batter, it's really crispy, and fun to eat it with your hands. I suggest more sauce or better sauce options like nacho's cheese or extra punch of sour cream.

Here comes the Combo Set of Fish Fillet & Baby Back Ribs, 2 Side orders of a Cole slaw & French fries. (SG$30.90)

We all love the Fish Fillet so much, the plate is actually huge so it will look bigger portion in real life. =X

The Original Baby Back Ribs (Full) 2 Side orders of Baked Potato & Fries (SG$34.90)

Both sauce were Tony Roma's Original BBQ Sauce, the marinate have not absorbed fully in the pork ribs but overall still fine. The fries were very suitable for our liking as it's long, fat and less salt, still crispy when it is cold. Baked Potato totally failed, I can't taste the great potato taste and the toppings are sour cream, cheddar cheese, bacon crisps, some sprinkle of spring onions and lastly butter in the baked potato. The cole slaw was very normal. 

We were told that the mashed potato was not available for the day.

*Tony Roma's Side Order Choices:
Rib entrĂ©es and Popular Combos (except Feast Platters)  are served with two choices of cole slaw, baked potato,  mashed potatoes, french fries, ranch style beans, rice,  corn on the cob or broccoli.

A closer look for the Pork Rib's meat~ =)

Our dessert, Tony's Dessert TR!O (SG$18.90)

Comes with 3 different desserts, totally a great option if you dine with 3 or more people.
Strawberry Brownie Royal, Chocolate Cookie & Classic Truffle.

The Strawberry Brownie Royal, it will be better if the sauce is served with a more authentic strawberry sauce~ Brownie was normal.

Chocolate Cookie, Gosh... The cookie tasted so delicious!!! That's my highlight for the day! Cookie has big chunks of chocolate chips matches so well with the ice cream and caramel... Can I have your cookie recipe? Lolx... =P

Classic Truffle, at first it looks unflattering but after you cut it apart... Looks cute =X

Suit my dad's taste and he said, can I have all? Haha... Ok it's not really sweet and he loves chocolate flavors a lot so ya of course we let him have all~ =)

The whole classic truffle is a All-icecream-Dessert.

Place & Ambiance 6/10
Prefer the old location & it's interior design which looks more classy and you feel great to pay even it's expensive. The new design, darker, older design. Not sure why it was warm if you sit further inside the restaurant, we decided to change our seats.

Customer Service 9.5/10
I am not sure for other customers, but is it our lucky day? We were served tremendously good so I gave their service 9.5! Not only 1 waiter/waitress kept coming to our table, excellent service... Refill of water was very alert, food was served very fast. Asked by more than 1 waiter/waitress "How's the food"? Wow Thumbs up!! Many restaurants have to learn from them seriously... Even if the Food does not taste so well, with such excellent service you feel so welcomed and will be back again. Better than some Hotel Restaurants, "eehemmm"....

Food 7.5/10
Ribs has been what they are famous for more than a decade, but I am more interested in other dishes than their ribs, maybe I will try Carolina Honeys Ribs next time again which I used to have them few years back.

Price 7/10
As the portion are huge,  my family of 4 person ordered only 2 main dish and a side order of Full Onion Loaf, soup, desserts was already very filling... Ladies usually can't eat a lot.. Hehe... Total we spent SG$129.45 (includes GST 7% & Service Charge of 10%) We also have a $10 Dining Voucher to use only for OCBC Bank Card Members.

Overall Ratings 7.9/10
The Overall Ratings scores are given by myself. ^^

Will I be back again?
Yes. Nothing really disappoints me except the new interior design look, hope they will maintain their excellent customer services and improve some of their food standards.

Tony Roma's $10 Dining Voucher for OCBC Bank Card holders.


  1. The dessert looks so delicious. xD

  2. one day i will go try this restaurant~ XD

  3. I am really jealous you get to eat so much outwards! I used to do that a lot but now since I live in the Japanese countryside there's not so much I could got to :/ The dishes look fab though! Your posts always make me hungry <3

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    1. Ow.. I am jealous of u staying in Japan =X

      Love all the Japanese food~ yummy~~ Hehe...

      Happy Belated Birthday Babe <3

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    All of the foods just look so gooooooooooooooooood!!! >3<
    And onion LOAF? Why have I never heard of this miracle before? Haha~! >w<
    It looks like you had a really good meal, I'll be looking out for this place now! Hehe~ ^^

    1. Hehe... Quite a good meal for my daddy's birthday =D

      Onion Loaf was super fun eating it ^^

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