Sexylook Intensive Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask (sponsored by Secretive.sg)

This is a very special new Sexylook mask that I am going to review~ Sponsored by Secretive.sg ^^

Special how special? It's a black cotton mask!~ I love watching "NuRenWoZuiDa", 女人我最大, Taiwan's popular beauty show featuring about beauty,fashion, health etc. On 14th June's Show they introduced the Sexylook Intensive Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask! I was super interested and not long ago Secretive.sg starts bringing in the masks~ I am so excited about the Black Cotton Mask~ =D
Back of the Mask.

Opened up~ Looks like Sea weed isn't it? =X

The Shape of the Mask. =)

Closer look of the mask texture quality, well-moisturized and the cotton is very soft too.

Hehe... Can you see the soft toy? The soft toy is from an old online RPG game Ragnarok, this cute monster is call Angel Poring I think~ Ok Hug any pillow or rest after you put the mask ^^ Wait for 15 ~ 20 mins.

How I feel about the Mask?
Very well-moisturized, the mask texture is soft and cool because it's in black. =X 
Great to feel that my skin is not irritated and love the light flowery scent of the mask.

How long to remove the Mask?
About 15-20mins.

Results of the Mask?
I thought it was a Moisturizing Mask but the effects are more than that, my skin goes fairer!! Because the Natural Obsidian extracts with Activated Carbon-infused pure Cotton Mask helps detox and clarify skin. This mask helps to achieve even better results if you use it first for detox cleansing, after you have restored great moisturizing effects, then you can use whitening masks/products to have fairer skin.

Does this masks suits everyone?
It's suitable for most people unless if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients or you are having irritated skin.

Here's the short youtube video clip:
 of 14th June 2012 Show, introducing the Mask.

They only place 1 side of her face. 

Sexylook Intensive Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask 1 pc 
Original: SG$3.50
Now: SG$2.00

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Hope you will like it too~


  1. It fits your face perfectly! I want to try this now ^__^ it looks really good~

    1. Hee, it's very moisturizing and u got to try it~ ^^

  2. i like how you take pictures! sooo clear! and i think your skin is perfect. :) ❤ misskatv.com

    1. Thank you Dear~ ^^

      My skin looks bad when I do not have enough sleep or if the weather is too hot. >_<

  3. What cute packaging! I'd love to try this out.Especially if it makes my skin as nice as yours! I don't normally wear masks but i've worn them a couple times and I like how they make my skin feel.

    If you wouldn't mind, please check out/follow my blog :)


    1. Thanks Babe ^^

      Beautiful pictures on your blog <3

  4. Haha! I love the part when you hugged a pillow. :p I haven't tried using masks yet. :)

    XO, Mish
    PS, Uniqso Circle Lens International Giveaway on my blog! :)

    1. Haha.. The pillow was inside my cupboard for a long time =D
      I love the pillow too :p

  5. Wow seems like such a good mask. Very interesting i never tried face masks before xD

  6. This is the coolest thing ever. I need to try this, I've never heard of it before! Even the name of it is intriguing..

    1. It caught my eye from the taiwan show =D
      Black masks hehe really cool ^^

  7. wow seems like a good mask =O
    I wanna to try this!♥