A Switch of an Unlucky Day

Jessica and I planned to have Dim Sum Hi-Tea Buffet at Min Jiang, it was located at GoodWoodPark Hotel. When we arrived at the restaurant, we were then told that it was fully booked. We didn't know that there's a need to make reservations at the restaurant, so lesson learned, if you want to eat buffets at any hotel's restaurant, better call  for reservations in advanced.. We were both very disappointed as we have been talking about this place for a month!~ I am absolutely super disappointed, while I put in so much efforts of exercising in Gym for the entire week before I catch any Buffet(eat as much as you can) again. Anyway the restaurant was not crowded at all... Well, we will be back again, make sure your Dim Sum will taste as fabulous as "fully booked". =(

I would count this as an Unlucky Day, we can sense bad signs are coming... Our whole day might be unlucky of any food we are going to eat, it always happens to me, I wonder why me I don't wish to write bad reviews of any food or services. >_<

We were so hungry and decided to walk just few mins to Far East Plaza to grab a meal~ Ended up at Su Korean Cuisine.
[CLOSED] Su Korean Cuisine @ Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road, #01-21 Far East Plaza, Singapore

Selfie with Jessica in the Restaurant~

Yesh see the Flag? Yep we are going to eat Korean Cuisine~ ^^

The Side Dishes were served first, I remembered it was refillable but they did not notify or tell us about it which was not right~~

The Menu.

Jessica ordered No. 68, the Korean Style Fried Spicy La Mian (Beef). La Mian means "Ramen".

I ordered wrongly, I actually just wanted a Bibimbap, lucky they are kind enough to change it for me. About the Menu I suggest they should change it to more pictures as there's so many words some customers like me may not understand or take very long time to decide what to order... I just want a traditional Bibimbap ended up ordered something like Bibimbap but in a normal big bowl with cooked egg, instead of Stone Bowl with raw egg yolk. Lolx... I came here before a few times but was having the BBQ meat stuffs which were delicious.

Let's take a closer look of the "Refillable Side Dishes"~ <3

Their KimChi was the best I have tried, but my mommy's 1 are way more better. =X

This was the best!~ Love it <3

I love this too because it's potato~ =D

Celery~ I wish to try more Korean Side dishes when I visit Korea again next time~ >_<

Jessica's No. 68, the Korean Style Fried Spicy La Mian (Beef) was served and it's quite salty~ Also the Ramen is like Instant noodle... Bad choice~~ Not worth to pay $16.

My Bibimbap came, is there any vege missing?

The Chilli paste was too little, although many things were not perfect but we appreciate their efforts of "trying to do 70% efforts", maybe to them they have put 100% efforts.

They offered to stir fry for you in the Hot Stone Bowl or you can Do-it-Yourself. Chilli Paste was not enough so the whole Bibimbap was not red enough, lucky there's side dishes so I can mix in KimChi and other veges..

I am not reviewing the restaurant today, because there's no mood left to taste good food... And the food was not tasty. :(

Fruits was served after our meals, watermelon & honey dew melon.

Now time to catch our Movie, Ice Age 4!~ =D

How much a Movie Ticket cost in your Country?

Wow we were shopping at ION Orchard and saw The Paul Frank Store!~ Cute <3

Another shot of Jessica & me before watching Ice Age 4~ ^_^

After the movie Jessica wanted to try the Coffee Club cafe so I brought her to an outlet located at Takashimaya, inside Kinokuniya Bookstore. Another unlucky sign? They told us they are closed and will not take any orders, it was only before 9pm!! +_+~ Then we turned back to the Non-Air Conditioner 24hours opened Coffee Club outlet at Orchard Fountain Corner, it's just outside the H&M building.

[CLOSED] Coffee Club, Orchard Fountain Corner
323 Orchard Road, Singapore 238892
Opening Hours: 24 Hrs
Breakfast Hours: 6am ~ 11am

Crunchy Hazelnut Coffee Blend SG$7.80

Yummy, I am not a fan of coffee but this totally tasted just right for me and Jessica loves it. ^^

We ordered Fish & Chips as our Finger Food~ SG$14.50

Love the salad always, fries are crispy but the fish turned cold and not very tasty because they served our desserts at the same time, we have to eat our desserts first before the ice cream & the cream melts~ T_T

Caramel Coffee Supreme SG$8.90

This was so sweet but yummy~ The bottom of the dessert was a thin slice of sponge cake coated with chocolate, inside was very sweet filling of chocolate, cream/ice cream, caramel + chocolates~ Yum Yum

White Chocolate Fantasy SG$8

There's a vanilla Ice Cream beside my cute white chocolate ball~ 1 Small tube of (Berry or Strawberry Sauce), inside was cream, cooked yummy pear cubes with some berries and crumbs, you got to taste it with the white chocolate crust outside, simply matches it.

The Ambiance there was dark and suits friends for a long chat as it's opened 24hours.

So our unlucky day was switched to a "good day" of tasting sweet desserts!~ *Hmm Hmm* we feel much better, if you are feeling down, emo, or moody grab your favorite food or desserts to get back your mood~ Pamper yourself even the calories are pretty high! Just for the moment to switch back your Day. ^^

I am wearing GEO Xtra Pure Max Pink (WT-A57), 15mm diameter, Base Curve 8.70mm. Not sure should I review it or not I am a bit lazy ~ =X Coz I have reviewed something a like the design before. ^^

Remember to Stay Happy & Healthy ^_^


  1. Korean food looks really nice ^^,
    never tried it before.
    A ticket here in holland a ticket
    cost about €8/10


    1. Wow Holland is a beautiful place! :)

      I love Korean food but delicious Korean Food I guess just not in Singapore =X

  2. Better luck next time :)? Tell us how the dim-sum buffet went when you visit~ The desserts you guys ate looks so appetizing :D mmm I want some now. You look gorgeous as always! A ticket here costs about $10? I usually like going in the afternoon since it's cheaper :3

    1. Thank you Dear~ Hehe.. Hopefully we can try out the dim sum buffet next month ^^ Hee I don't mind going back to the coffee club to have some desserts again, so sweet and yummy. =D

      I think in Singapore weekdays tickets are less $2-3 :)

  3. You looked so sweet that day, the green suits you so well! :)
    I am sorry that your day started so unlucky T_T Always a bummer if something planned didn't turn out right. The Korean restaurant also doesn't look very tasty to me, compared to what the Koreans in my kitchen always prepare.. (they eat A LOT instant food I noticed o.o) but oh my, the dessert looks awesome, would love to have some of this right now.. it's way too hot here *sniff ^^

    1. Hee Thank you Darling ^^

      Yes you are so right the Korean restaurant doesn't look tasty =X

      Aww I want to taste real Japanese desserts >_<
      I went only once to tokyo when I was 15yrs old~ =X

  4. Oh no! That bibimbap is missing alot of veggies! But the desert looks incredible!! :D Movie tickets are about $9 in Korea~ :)

    Glam Mania...!!

    1. >_< I knew theres veggies missing~ I wish to visit Korea again for all the delicious Korean food~ Yummy Super love =D

      Haven't got a chance to watch a movie in Korea, will look forward to it next time. =)

  5. It sucks that everything wasnt perfect for you that day but everything still looked tasty.
    Here in U.S movie tickets are like 24 dollars too ;/

    1. >_< At least the desserts switched my day hehe...

      Wow 24 dollars =X

  6. still more delicious traditional cuisine in my hometown Indonesia

  7. If you come to Indonesia you should try authentic Indonesian cuisine b