[CLOSED] Antoinette @ Palais Renaissance

Been awhile I have not catch up with my BFF, so recently we decided to meet. We visited Antoinette Palais Renaissance to have some tea. ^_^

Antoinette's Chef Pang Kok Keong has distinguished himself as one of the most prolific and well-regarded pâtissiers in Singapore and the region. I have seen him few times appeared on tv shows as judge.

I really can't stop snapping pictures.. =X
390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance, B1-08/09/10C, Singapore 238871
Operating Hours: Daily – 11am to 10pm  
(Last order - 9pm, last seating - 9.45pm) 
*You might need reservations especially lunch, dinner and weekends.

Look at the baby high chairs~~

What a dream indoor garden-like cafe.. O_O

I love this set of old-fashioned furniture so much~ :3

I really don't feel like going home Lolz....

Moon cakes can be seen everywhere~ It's near Moon Cake Festival again~ =)

Antoinette have their own beautifully packaged Moon Cakes for customers to order and purchase.

If you are to order desserts, you need to come over the counter and choose. =D 

Too pretty, I feel like trying all of them >_< Haha but can't my tummy can't fill in.

The gorgeous Menu cover... =D

Antoinette's Hot Chocolate (Vanilla perfumed hot chocolate) SG$7.00

I love their hot chocolate because it's not sweet and not too thick, suits my taste perfectly~

Caramel Crème SG$9.00
A seductively delicious, aromatic dessert brew comprising of a blend of premium black teas with generous chunks of caramel that quickly melt into the tea. Treat your senses to a gently sweetened cup with an enigmatic aroma.

Looks really pretty as described in the menu, but it's not sweet at all and tasted quite normal. Worth it a pot for $9?

Gnocchi Carbonara SG$22.50
With caramelized bacon, white wine cream sauce, poached egg and aged parmesan cheese.

It's the first time I tried Gnocchi, hmm it tasted quite floury but the white wine cream sauce was really delicious.. =O

Antoinette SG$9.00

Milk chocolate mousse infused with earl grey tea, chocolate biscuit, dark chocolate earl grey tea crémeux, raspberry coulis, earl grey tea crumble.

I love the Antoinette's milk chocolate mousse so much.. Words can't describe.. You got to try it lolx... You won't feel sweet having Antoinette's desserts~ 

Am I naughty? Lolx I asked my BFF to help me poke the raspberry coulis because I wanted to see how it flows out.. Oppz =D~

Strawberry Shortcake SG$8.00
Japanese shortcake sponge, kirsch syrup, fresh strawberries, crème Chantilly. 

Love the strawberry shortcake, not sweet~ I love the cream of the cake too. =)

Sorry I can't stop taking pictures +_+

Price ✔✔✔
To me it's reasonable having a bit costly food of better quality & fresh desserts with their price.

Ambiance ✔✔✔ 
Gorgeous place, their furniture were very unique, elegant, pretty and old-fashioned style. Feels like living in a fairy tale for the moment, haha many girl's dream place to have Tea.

Service ✔✔✔ 
Service was terrific, the waiters were all very attentive even when you are trying to cut the cake with your fork, they immediately send you a knife to cut! That's one of the best services I'd ever seen before. They seems like they're highly trained to provide excellent customer services. Thumbs 5 up!

Food ✔✔

I can't say they are the best yet, they are way rated higher and taste more delicious than delicious. It surprised me that their pasta sauce was so yummy besides their desserts!~ I feel their taste of desserts are not sweet and suits many customers. The people nowadays are more health-conscious and don't really like desserts of food to taste too sweet.

Overall Ratings ✔✔✔✔ (9/10)
Scores are based on me~ Many Girl's dream place to have Tea~ I give them a 9! =D

*Sadly this beautiful place has closed down you might want to visit Antoinette's other branch. 

Check their website for more information https://www.antoinette.com.sg/


  1. omgoodness!!!! I would love to visit this whenever I go to Singapore. I love the aesthetics of the food :3 everything looks so yummy and cute. It does seem pricy though so it'd be a real treat once in a while.

    1. I agree with you darling~ Once in awhile it's ok =D

      You got to visit when you visit Singapore ^^~

  2. That place looks dainty and classy! <3 So cute!

    XO, Mish

    1. Yep =D

      Feeling like a dream when I'm there ^-^

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  6. I love cake and tea time ^_^ The cake looks delicious. Glad to hear everything was on par!

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  9. OMG~~ it's so beautiful that place! I wanna live there ♥ T__T