[CLOSED] Waraku Japanese Casual Dining @ The Central

Hello lovely dearies!~ How are you all doing? It's 1st of October today, let's hope a great month ahead for everyone. =)

Today I am blogging about food I had during August, got too much stuffs to blog hehe...
Cream Udon one of my favorite cravings~ =X
[CLOSED] Waraku Japanese Casual Dining, The Central Branch
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-89/97/98  The Central 
11:30am - 11pm (Last order 10:30pm)

Outside view from the window in the restaurant.

Me and Jessica can't wait anymore, we both are craving for Cream Udon hungrily~ >_<
We usually have our Cream Udon at Marina Square or Heeren but the branches are closed down.

Here comes our Azuki Milk, not true to it's picture in the menu. SG$6.80

Taste just milk, condensed milk and quite sweet. Not much red beans~

Jessica requested them serving it hot, because the bowl is really enormous easy to cool. We experienced once serving cold at Heeren Branch "closed down".

Hotate Cream Cheese Udon SG$16.80
*Scallop and Cheese in Cream Sauce Udon.

Jessica missed the Hotate Cream Cheese Udon, love the cheese but she it was not as good as we had at "Heeren Branch". The Udon Noodle seems changed, she have the same taste of Udon as me. We love it very "QQ" chewy hehe... Jessica is also the Queen of Noodle~

Salmon Ikura Cream Udon SG$16.80
*Salmon and Fresh Salmon Roe in Cream Sauce Udon.

I agree with Jessica the Noodle quality changed, but I love the cream sauce lots while popping in the salmon roe it's simply quite delicious. Ok just the sauce =P

Haha I am too hungry, nvm my lip gloss was gone and my eye liner smudged~ Got a bad day for my eyes, too dry. T_T

Still going to finish up the enormous big bowl of Cream Udon~ Haha sinful I drank all the cream sauce!~ =X

Jessica settling the bill, she's so busy handling 2 mobile phones~ She doesn't want to come back Waraku to have Cream Udon again. =X

After our lunch preparing to enter for movies and I took off my lenses, put on my nerd "no-degree" specs. Jessica is crazy about Melody and me HelloKitty more~ ^_^

My favorite comfy white flats are spoiled T_T Love Jessica's black ribbon sandal-shoe and her cracked gold and black nails~

With Love

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  1. I love these posts.You look like a doll :)

  2. That bowl was gigantic! The desserts look yummy. XD


  3. LOLLL the size of that bowl is ridiculous!

    1. Haha ya... I can see the waiter carrying it with pressure lolx... =D

  4. oh wow, the bowl is too big!! it's bigger than your face, hehe. the food looks yummy :)

    1. Haha ya really big =X The sauce is yummy hehe... :)

  5. Cool photos! You look so cute with the bow headband, you look like a doll :)
    The foods seems to be so delicious :P
    Thank you so much for stopping by, hope you have a fabulous week full of fun<3


    "Sa├║de & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

    1. Thank you Darling =D

      Hehe yummy~ <3

      Love your photos too~

  6. The food looks so yummy! Ohw and i love your new layout! :)

  7. nya~ those bowls- you seem to fit in one ^0^/ I love your nails- the little polka dot french tips are very cute❤

  8. Wow the food looks really delicous and the place looks confortable!


    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page

    1. Pretty comfy, there're always real Japanese family dining there too. =D

  9. huhu~ nice food but it is quite expensive for me..
    16+ SGD is like RM50 in Malaysia for a meal~

    1. =X quite ex for a bowl of udon, I love Malaysia food too I visit there recently once a week at JB. ^^

  10. Cute post! Photos look very beautiful! :-)

  11. i love your eyemake up and jessica's phone case is amazing!

  12. Great post! beautiful photos!