But Becky Radiance Luminous Pearl Mask (sponsored by Secretive.sg)

I am back for a Mask review again for But Becky Radiance Luminous Pearl Mask, sponsored by Secretive.sg, But Becky masks are pretty new to me and the But Becky Endorser is Aaron Yan, he's super cute. Aaron Yan is a Taiwanese Singer, Model and Actor.
After unwrapping the plastic wrap. =)

Back of the Box.

The sides of the Box, really cute right? It has double-woven technique, highly stretchable diamond pattern mask. Double Lifting Effect, with elastic fabric and rapid absorption. It helps every woman to achieve healthy and radiant skin. It's also dermatologically tested, oil free, non-comedogenic, mild and gentle, suitable for all skin types. ^_^

The top of the Box with pretty But Becky. Bottom Box with with Manufactured Date and Expiry Date. Box opened with 8 sheets of Masks. =)

8 pieces of Mask Sheets in a Box.

Here's how the mask looks inside the pack after opened. =)

I can feel the mask cotton is really soft and very moisturized, can you see bubble? =D

The shape of the mask.

After cleansing your face, you can start to use the mask. I will use a toner first before using mask. The mask is a duo lifting mask so hook behind your ears, and don't forget the bottom chin part and hook behind your ears. It helps to firm up your face more. =)

Use for about 15-20mins, relax and when removed, gently massage your face to let the remaining essence to absorb completely.

How I feel about the Mask?
The scent reminds me of a little light smell of johnson johnson baby powder, or may be snow pearl cream? The mask is really soft and comfortable to put on, does not irritate my skin.

How long to remove the Mask?
About 15-20mins.

Results of the Mask?
After removing the mask, gently massage/pat my face. The absorption of the remaining essence was pretty quick, like what it described, "rapid absorption"! I feel a bit more firm and spongy! =D

Does this masks suits everyone?
I can't guarantee 100% if it suits everyone even it's dermatologically tested, but it suits me. you can always try any masks first by applying on your face a small spot with the extra essence in the mask pack, to confirm if you can use the mask. ^_^

But Becky Radiance Luminous Pearl Mask 8pc/box
Price: SG$14.90

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  1. The packaging of these is so cute! :O Do you think it helped brighten your face or even firm up your face?!

    1. Yes Dear, it helps a bit to brighten and firm up =)

  2. Oo this mask looks really nice! I would love to try this out! :)

  3. OOO I love face masks!!! This brand looks good ^^

  4. packaging is really cute, do you think it will be suitable for dry skin ? will it provide enough hydration ?

    1. It's moisture and brightens up my skin, with the duo lifting effect also helps me to firm up a bit. ^^

      For dry skin may be you can also try their more moisturizing series,the wild yam mask. =)

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  6. You're cuuute :)
    I tried these and love it!
    Following you btw~~

  7. Aww hunnie, you always have the best masks <3

    1. Haha Hunnie, I will send u some to try soon <3

  8. i have followed you, mind to follow bck me? thanks :))

  9. This mascara has a very cute packaging I like. Did not know the brand and never before seen this mascara makes me want to try it as it looks pretty tempting.


    1. Hehe Darling which mascara? =D

      Btw Belated Happy Birthday <3

  10. Why hello there Aaron Yan. =w= haha!
    I've also read some really great reviews of this face mask - it sounds absolutely gorgeous!
    Hopefully I can get my hands on it one time! ^w^


    1. Haha yea =D

      The masks is really not bad and smells good, you can give it a try next time Darling~ ^^

  11. I love the design of your blog! That mask looks really cool!!

    I Follow you now by the way!
    If you have time could you check out/ follow my blog too?

  12. ahh I remember Aaron Yan lol! I'm glad the mask worked well for you. your skin looks very radiant! <3

    Metallic Paws- giveaway up on blog!

  13. So beautiful post!!!