Louis Vuitton Helene Wallet

Halo Ha~ Sunshines!~ How are you all doing? I am so excited, that I was able to have a new small wallet that I got some help from my cousins to help me purchase it from London. I love to watch unboxing videos at youtube but I am way too shy to show myself up on youtube, so I hope my unboxing blog post will help you a little bit. =D

Is a small wallet so a very small bag was passed on to me by my lovely cousins when they're back in Singapore. The Louis Vuitton Helene Wallet in Monogram Canvas. I was searching for a smaller wallet for quite awhile and the Helene Wallet caught my attention, I am also looking for a wallet that can last me longer. Actually, very funnily my mommy always complains about my current wallet which I am using now is too big and she knows me so well that I don't like to carry heavy stuffs, so she suggested me to get a smaller wallet. I will show you my current wallet later, anyways the LV Helene Wallet is £280 in the UK and transaction currency amount was SGD$615.08 which they helped me to pay with their credit card.

They went London Bond Street and here's the LV receipt, sorry can't show personal details. T_T

Love LV's high quality packaging, looks like a mini drawer. Let's open it!~ :)

Pull the leather and tadah~ A dust bag.

Yep the mini dust bag for my small wallet.

Long wait wallet, I guess waiting it's so worth it!

The LV Helene Wallet is quite small, measurements from the LV's website in:
(3.94 x 3.15 inches) Width x Height.

The back and side of the wallet.

Love that it has a coin compartment and it's also in the Monogram canvas. I even adore it so much because it's Made in France! =D

I have to use my hands to flip it open up so you can see it more clearly. There're 4 credit card slots and of course the gorgeous coin compartment which has the LV coated fabric calf leather card inside.

Not only 4 credit card slots, there's also additional compartments for cards!~

Behind your money notes can be also put in but you can see it's made openly. Can see my orange notes coming out behind visa. It might be a bad point if you have too much notes. I love this wallet because for it's quality and small size especially for my smaller bags. I also might store other reward cards inside the coin compartment. The wallet is still new so the card slots are difficult to slot in, takes time because new are tight.

Lastly, my current wallet is a Coach Legacy Zebra Print Zippy Wristlet. Going to change it to my LV Helene, see how small it is, I still love how convenient the Coach zippy wristlet, there are so many compartments inside. Maybe in the future I will get a zippy-like wallet again. =D

Hope you find it useful of my unboxing!~  

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  1. I have got a Marie Wallet!!!! After viewing your unboxing Helene Wallet, it seems small with quite alot of card slots, Awesome QUALITY!

    What color polish on your nails?

    1. I Love Marie Wallet too ^^

      My nail polish is OPI Charged Up Cherry NL B35. :)

  2. I always wanna have an LV wallet too :)


  3. The wallet is really cute! I love the print and beautiful colors : 3

  4. Very clear stunning pictures~~~
    LV monogram looks best for me (=

  5. indeed a small wallet, i wish i could have one~