Chanel Petite Shopping Tote

I have been waiting very long for my dream bag, I done lots of researching online and thought the Chanel Petite Shopping Tote was discontinued... I even called up Chanel customer service and there's no good news of Chanel PST and emailed Chanel if there's any restocking please let me know... 

I read the forums PurseBlog and saw few Forum Members purchased their Chanel PST from the US and Europe so I guess the PST might be restocking. Honestly, for months before I go to bed daily I will think about is there any chance I can get a PST? Don't get me wrong if you think I might be crazy... But I believe bag lovers out there will understand me, it's so amazing having a special story related with any of your bags. Not only bags, it may be any thing~ Sometimes if you like something, it may be out of stock, or the color you want it's already sold out, many obstacles blocking your way...

After thinking so much about it everyday, and it was Sunday 20th July 2014, I decided to contact Chanel again and I am so surprised... Am I dreaming or not? I was awaken by Chanel's call early in the morning Monday 21st July 2014, I quickly answered and yes!~ Good news Chanel PST has restocked and they reserved 1 for me.

I went down on the 22nd July 2014, here's my purchase and I am so happy~ My first Chanel Bag, "my dream bag". My relatives were together with me and when they saw me collecting my PST, my auntie wanted 1 too~ I must say the power of Chanel. =P

I will do an unboxing as you all know I'm shy on video and I do love all the Luxury/Fashion/Shopping hauls/Make-up Unboxing videos. You gorgeous lovely girls made me watch more youtube hehe... =)

The usual gorgeous Chanel packaging with the ribbon and camellia. ^^

The receipt, sorry I can only show you part of it and censored my personal details. The price is retailing at SG$3080 now. The Chanel Petite Shopping Tote is a seasonal piece so it may be out of stock anytime, I felt super lucky. =D

Inside the box, the Chanel dust bag and comes with a handbook with a cloth to wipe your bag. Love Love Love the Chanel Packaging~ =D

Taking the bag out from the dust bag, there's lots of paper stuffings inside. I got the Chanel Petite Shopping Tote in Black Caviar Calfskin with Gold Hardware. I know the Chanel GST is more popular and gorgeous but I really prefer smaller bags because I don't know why I am always being pushed or people walking too close to me and hit my bag everytime... 

The Chanel Singapore Customer Service was excellent. Don't know when will it be for me to purchase the Chanel classic double flap bag, I am thinking about it especially Lambskin hope my new story bag will begin soon. =X

Removing all the stuffings~ I haven't remove the transparent blue tapes on the circles, this is how the gold hardware looks like.

The magnetic button, the strap for you to hook any important stuffs and the Chanel Zip inside. Made in Italy. =)

It may be inconvenient for some people because there's no zip to close the bag, I am ok with it I just place my wallet at the bottom or maybe I will search for a small bag organizer to place in.

The very important authenticity card that matches the mini tag label number, sorry I prefer not to share the number forgive me~ T_T

The small back pocket and the side of the bag. The smell of the leather was so divine and gorgeous~~ 

You can carry 2 ways, I know many people complaining 1 side of the handle will drop when you're carrying on your shoulders and how hard to maintain the shape of the bag~ 
I agree too but I still love it =)

Happy day shopping~ Thank you Chanel for fulfilling my dream bag!

Chanel Ngee Ann City Boutique Singapore

Dreams May Come True, Kombate! Love QoQo

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  1. Beautiful ladies :3
    My dream bag is the chanel jumbo in caviar, saving up for my xmas gift.

    1. Thanks Babe <3 <3

      Wow!! I love Chanel Jumbo but am not sure whether to go for the Black or Beige color when my Jumbo journey arrive =D

      Do show me pics when you purchase it <3 <3

  2. Wow, that is some kind of investment, I'd say!! I just bought a Samantha Thavasa bag which was also super expensive for me so I get your feeling!! Although it is years away I think the feeling is the same if you really really want something :) Hope you have fun with it!

    1. Haha thanks you get my feeling so well =p

      I love Samantha Thavasa bag too~~ They are so cute and sweet <3

  3. I only got a couple of Coach bags. Maybe it is time for me to invest a Chanel bag...

    1. I have a small coach bag which i bought many years ago, still like new! Maybe I rarely use.. Yep Dear invest a Chanel asap you will not regret =)

  4. Amazing bag, so cute!

  5. I LOVE Chanel Bags!!! Nice review! Looking forward for your new bags reviews infuture :3

    1. Thank you so much Sweetheart! <3

      I would love to review if I got any new bag again ^_^

  6. I love this bag! After visiting a few Chanel stores in Paris, I've been seriously considering saving up and getting one~

    1. Omy~ I wish I had a chance to go Paris someday... I love Chanel so much ><
      Got to save up for next bag^^

  7. The bag is really beautiful and elegant! : 3

  8. Do u know if they still carry this PST in ngee Ann?