Hong Kong Short Trip 3

My favorite drink of all-times in Hong Kong, the Pacific Coffee's Strawberry Banana Chilino with Whipped Cream. Hmmm Yum~

I have to recommend the Tai Cheong Bakery!~ Mary was being real nice and bought us egg tarts, OmGosh! I can't believe what I was eating... I love the egg tarts so much, the crust was amazingly delicious, until now the wonderful taste still remain in my memory hehe~ If there's any chance to visit Hong Kong again I will definitely eat more egg tarts and hand carry it back on my last day. T_T

The nice buildings again and the awesome crowds always in Hong Kong.

The super sweet light pink Hong Kong Tram"also known as Ding Ding", they're so cute~ Have to get on it. =D

Ok we got on other "Ding Ding"~ My sleepy, tired, nerdy look. ~_~

Here's how the "Ding Ding" look inside... They went searching more for Dried Seafoods~

Can you see lots of people queuing for the mini Mobile ice cream? =D
Sharon was buying us ice creams, yum yum they're in cones~ And ya Sasa is everywhere..

We wanted to sit down and rest so, we just simply walk in a restaurant to have tea and some bites. The Wedding Banquet Specialist serves dim sum in the afternoon, to me they tasted unique, if again there's chance to Hong Kong again I want to try more dim sum of their house. ^^

Wedding Banquet Specialist: http://www.xn--mxtw92b.hk
Their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThePalaceFansClub

The old apartments.

Our dinner tonight, the forever queuing and famous Four Season Claypot Rice.

Four Seasons Claypot Rice (四季煲仔飯) 
46 Arthur Street 
Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

I can't describe about it but the claypot rice were not my favorite~ I'm really too full =X

The deep-fried oyster pancake was delicious but super oily.. If you have not tried claypot rice try it~ =)

Ending with dessert at Hui Lau Shan~ Yan's favorite Gui Ling Gao"Chinese Herbal Jelly". The mango desserts were delicious. ^.^

Eating is Great. Health more Important! Love Qoqo


  1. so many good food... omg i m so jealous :p

  2. Awesome trip, it makes me wanna visit Hongkong too :)


  3. I enjoyed reading your korea trip too. :)

  4. Your trip posts are great! I love to read about your adventures : 3 The Strawberry Banana Chilino drink looks so good *-*

    1. Thanks Sweetie <3
      Hehe strawberry banana taste so good =O

  5. Aww~ Lovely pictures! I'd love to visit Hong Kong :)
    Btw I'd love it if we could follow each other <3

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

  6. thanks for sharing this hong kong trip experience again, enjoyed~ =D