Chanel Mini Flap Gold

Finally, my new Chanel purchase. I have been super busy with my work and cannot give out some time to blog recently.. T_T

Yes a Chanel Mini Flap bag which was in my list for quite some time, the mini flap can be cross bodied~ Which is a plus for me and mini size looks cute on everyone. =P

I bought the bag at early December, love the gold CC logos on the ribbon bow. Chanel always have the best packaging~ Let's unbox the bag. =D

Here's the cute box with bow tied and the camellia flower.

The price is in SGD and the bag code is there incase you are interested to hunt for the same bag. Sorry personal info have to be covered~ :)

Favorite part for Chanel lovers and if anyone is interested to buy a Chanel item. ^_^

Comes with the dust bag, the handbook with a cloth to wipe your bag.

Gold color!! A million years I never thought of getting a gold color bag... I love gold hardware personally, and I was getting disappointed when I was told there's no lambskin and gold hardware for this season in Singapore. There were 1 or 2 colors in caviar, not sure is red or orange in "Matte gold hardware", just doesn't look appealing to me. Down to a Black caviar in silver hardware for me to choose, I saw the gold caviar gold hardware on the display but it just didn't worked out from my vision, I was about to leave the boutique and my friend Jessica asked me try it on to compare because she knows I really want a mini flap no matter what. 

Surprisingly, the gold looks super good when you wear it on your body! It just pops, I love black too but there's no gold hardware and it's too common. Without thinking, the gold bag is mine~ It's the last piece in the stock and final 1 displaying at the boutique.

The side of the mini flap bag, the size of the bag should be (12.5 X 20 X 7 in CM), enough to put my new iPhone 6 plus arriving on 5th Jan 2015! My Samsung Note 2 usage not even a year broke down with a double fall..

The bag pocket of the bag~ Adding on the gold caviar seems to be in the pearl gold, I have to be more careful for the bag. I really want to try a lambskin item with gold hardware from Chanel, hopefully next year 2015... Lambskin is so soft like butter but easy to get scratches. =X

Open the bag inside there's some stuffings, single flap bag are you a fan too? =)

I know Chanel Wallet on Chain is so popular but I still prefer Mini Flap over WOC~ Forgive me if you like WOC. =D

When the moment I knew it was Made in France, I must get it! It's hard to get a Made in France Chanel bag~ Yay! ^_^

The inside pocket zipper.

As usual the authenticity card and the mini tag in your bag which matches the code, sorry got to cover my code~ =P

It looks stunning on my lightings, goes well with any black outfit for sure!

I am 165cm tall, chubby size~ Cross Body is perfect for my body~ I love side on my body too, my SA from MBS Chanel taught me how to shorten it if I want to carry on my side. I will highly recommend my one and only favorite SA from Marina Bay Sands Chanel boutique on my next Chanel unboxing post, she's the best! =)

The gold Mini Flap bag is perfect for special occasions, and any of your special dates! I am so happy to grab this limited edition color to my collection, hopefully to add more Chanel bags in the future!~

Happy to go, have another LV unboxing to do soon~ ^_^

Happy New Year 2015, May the Best comes along to U


  1. nice bag oh, hehe, girl like this kind of bag geh ah? btw, wish you happy new year 2015~

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

  2. Happy New Year to you too Qoqo!~~~

    What a gorgeous mini bag!! :)

  3. waiting for your next designer review.. finally!!

    what a nice color, i was hoping to get a black someday.. love your unboxing review ^^

  4. omg thes ist so beautyful ^^ <3

  5. Wow! It certainly shines against your black top! Nice!


  6. gorgeous bag, great color :)
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  7. Is the Black Caviar version of this bag with silver hardware still available in Singapore? Do you have the contact details of your SA?

  8. You makes me envy!! I really love chanel bag. but in Korea the most expensive bag is Chanel, LV, Hermes bag. T_T
    Anyway I love your blog,
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    I will follow you back for sure. thank you so much! =D

  9. I LOVE Chanel! Such a cute bag!

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