Hai Tien Lo Weekday Dim Sum Buffet

The luxurious weekday dim sum ala carte buffet at Hai Tien Lo, Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore may take you away for a break. The Dim Sums are all handcrafted and each guest will also enjoy a complimentary serving of Chilled Homemade Beancurd with Bird's Nest.

The interior of Hai Tien Lo was very unforgettable especially with the view of the entire Hotel interior. Sitting at my very well angled table, looking at the capsuled transparent lift going up and down was so satisfying.

The steamed dim sums were good but not great, which I mean the skin of the dumplings were made thicker than usual.

The fried food was amazing at Hai Tien Lo, which adds up points for the dim sum buffet.

The Hai Tien Lo's Century Egg with Pork Shoulder Porridge was the best century egg with pork porridge I had in my life. The pork shoulder meat was so chewy and marinated just right.

The Double-boiled Grouper fish fillet and Bean curd in Supreme Chicken Stock was so flavorful, having the huge bite of the Grouper fish fillet jingles the bell of freshness.

The wok skill of the chef was phenomenal, by tasting the fried food totally just make sense. Wok-fried Pork Shoulder and Prawns in Chef's Signature Homemade XO Chili Sauce was a marvellous mix to be wok-fried. Crispiness of the deep fried thin Enoki Mushrooms, chewiness of the pork shoulders and the crunchiness of the veges makes your mouth so much going on, worth it.

The Stir-fried Sliced Grouper Fish with Preserved Vegetables and Ginger Spring Onion was just only fish but I am fine with it.

Now moving on to the Pan-fried Rice Flour Rolls with Dried Scallops in Chef's Signature Homemade XO Chili Sauce, the sauce... The sauce was all about it.

Fragrant Fried Carrot Cake in Chef's Signature Homemade XO Chili Sauce, with some beansprouts and eggs miracally take you a moment of char kuay tiao wok-fried taste. It was deliciously simple and mind blowing.

Fried dim sums were placed like a fried-food platter, try all of them except spring rolls. Spring rolls were just too plain..

Recommended desserts are the Chilled White Fungus with Osmanthus and Maltose & Chilled Avocado Sago Cream with Longan.

Lastly, the Chilled Homemade Bean curd with Bird's Nest will be the complimentary dessert for each guest.

I will definitely come back again for their fried dim sums and the exceptional service they provide.

**FYI, the dessert's flower decoration I added myself borrowed from previous dishes served so don't be surprised when you get a "plain non-decorated dessert".

Things to take note
*Beverages not included in the buffet, additional charge.
*Minimum 2 diners.
*Last Order 2pm.
*Wastage of food will be charged accordingly.

Hai Tien Lo
7 Raffles Blvd
Level 3, Marina Square
Pan Pacific
Singapore 039595

Reservation/Information: +65 6826 8240 or email celebrate.sin@panpacific.com

Weekday Dim Sum Buffet
Time: 11:30am to 2:30pm
SGD56 per adult
SGD32 per child (6 to 11 years old)

Weekend Dim Sum Brunch Buffet
Saturdays and Sundays
Time: 11:30am to 2:30pm
SGD68 per adult
SGD38 per child (6 to 11 years old)
SGD98 per adult, includes unlimited house wines, beers, juices and soft drinks
SGD128 per adult, includes unlimited Laurent-Perrier Champagne, house wines, beers, juices and soft drinks. 


  1. Very luxury restaurant I will pay a visit when my Husband and I travel to Singapore.