Hot Spot Cafe Restaurant Tomyum Fish Soup

The never tiring "Northern Thai Tom Yum Fish Soup" from Hot Spot Cafe Restaurant which I always crave for. Personally, my favorite choice of noodles were the "Mee Hoon Kuey"(Hand-made torn spoon-sized noodle). Today I tried the "Ban-Mian"(Flat/Broad-like noodle) it was not as satisfying as my "Mee Hoon Kuey" but still taste delicious, there are various types of noodles you can choose of and rice as well.

I crave for their very fresh generous thick slices of Batang fish together with the addicting Tom Yum Soup base that awakes you from the dream-land. It's slightly spicy, has great punches of sourness and warms up your taste buds heartily.

If you prefer something light you can always go for their normal Fish Soup base which is more bland compared to the Tom Yum base.

Insanely, this is the spot for me to visit straight after my gym session, excuse and be mentally prepared for the impolite unfriendly staffs. Do not be surprised if you're unable to have their Tomyum Fish Soup because it will end around afternoon 3pm.

Go early, they start operating at 10.30am and avoid lunch-timing crowds.

Hot Spot Cafe Restaurant
(Located in Burlington Square)
175 Bencoolen Street
#01-34 Singapore 189649.