PS Cafe Truffle Fries

No doubt of one of my favorite Truffle Fries at PS Cafe, I always visit more often at PS Cafe Paragon branch. The most dislike branch was at PS Cafe's Palais Renaissance and I suggest don't go that branch unless you have reservation. I was standing infront at the counter while the staffs treated me transparent while queuing and waiting for quite some time.   

Not to lie, I was craving for Truffle Fries on that day, and not giving up I traveled to PS Cafe's Paragon branch to try my luck during the busiest weekend dinner hour... And Paragon's branch was the best even though they were so busy serving "full-house of customers" they still managed to get me a table less than 15mins without any reservation needed.  

PS Cafe's Truffle Fries has always been one of my favorite spot to fulfill my cravings, because like I say always thin cut fries completely marries well with truffle oil perfectly. I am a real potato maniac size of fries doesn't matter, just to be more particular when it comes to matchy-match.

Found myself a salad I really like, the "Superfood". The goodness ingredients tossed in an orange rosemary dressing together were blueberries, roasted almonds, sunflower seeds, goji, baked pumpkin, quinoa, broccoli, baby spinach & romaine lettuce.  

I can't stop munching all the light fresh veges and the nicely baked pumpkin.  

PS Cafe Pragaon 
Paragon S.C 
290 Orchard Road  
Level 3  
Singapore 238859   

Telephone / SMS: (+65) 9297 7008  
Website: https://www.pscafe.com/    

**Please note that they do not take reservations for weekend brunch 
**Check their website for menu and more accurate information


  1. I went to the paragon branch like what you mention & the truffle fries taste good.