Xiang Feng Nasi Lemak

Once upon a while seeking for high-calorie food? Local food Nasi Lemak comes to your mind without hestiating. Xiang Feng Nasi Lemak my childhood favorite, it might not be the best Nasi Lemak in Singapore but it's decently good enough to be a good "Chinese-Style Nasi Lemak".

Until now I still love it because they serve rice in choice of the original coconut flavored rice or the normal plain rice, which I personally will go for the normal plain rice.

The price estimate depending how many ingredients you order, total of 2 plates cost me SG$7.

My all-time favorite was the spicy fried anchovies (Mermaid-Fish), they are super crispy and tasty.

The must have Fried Chicken Wings when you have Local Nasi Lemak, they are not the best but suits my childhood taste preference.

One of their Signature ingredients was their Pork Chop and super crispy small fried anchovies with nuts.

Xiang Feng Nasi Lemak's ingredients were all literally superb, as for the rice it's only decent and price wise they are consider affordably budget. There are a total of 3 Nasi Lemak Stalls at Boon Lay Place Food Village and Xiang Feng was my personal favorite.

Xiang Feng Nasi Lemak
Boon Lay Place Food Village
221B Boon Lay Place
Singapore 642221

Opening Hours
7.30am - 2.30pm

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