Constipation problem like me after eating so much good food and sometimes lack of fiber intake like me? 

I know this blog post may sound a bit weird for you guys but you need to "let it go" if you haven't been going to the toilet for more than some days. Ensure you will feel much closer to me if we can share about our bowel movements!~

What is Senokot?
First, this is not a sponsored advertisement, it is what I eat to relief if I have difficulties for my toilet problems. It helps for your constipation problem, activates your bowel movement. Senokot is a laxative made with senna that is gentle on the bowel.

How often I take?
If I didn't go to the toilet for more than 3 days, I will consider taking 2 Senokot Tablets. It happens to me if I have less vegetables, fruits and fiber also when I am too busy I may drink less water. Especially, going on a holiday trip at overseas as you may have busy schedules to visit everyday and public toilets are sometimes nasty you won't feel like going.

I ever encounter more than 5 days of constipation during my overseas trip, I had to consume 3 tablets.

How you felt after taking Senokot?
2 Tablets is the standard intake for adults, you will have slight pain in your stomach and your bowel movement activates... Depends on your individual body, sometimes there's only 1 time of bowel movement and sometimes may be 2-3times throughout the day.

3 Tablets you will really feel very painful and almost like a diarrhea... Not really advisable in my opinion.

How to use?
Take 2 Tables for Adults with a glass of warm water before you sleep, the next day you will feel slight pain.

Can Kids take?
Please consult a doctor first even though the direction of use stated children over 6 can consume 1-2tablets.

How is the Bowel?
You consume Senokot only if you have constipation problems and lots of unwanted toxic accumulated in your body for days so it might be quite stinky, be prepared and cover your nose! 

Is it Safe to take?
I think if you don't take it daily it shouldn't be a problem, but highly recommend you guys to consult a doctor first before taking the tablets. If there isn't a need I won't reach out for it, staying healthy is the key by eating natural foods like fruits & vegetables.

Where to Buy or how much it cost?
In Singapore you can purchase at any Guardian, Watsons or Unity. They are each $8.95 a pack of 60 Tablets. This product price has been increasing tremendously throughout the years... 

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