West of Singapore unable to find good eats if you are craving for heavy brunch or like me a potato lover? Affordable and good amount of Truffle Fries will fill your tummy satisfied. Head down to FlagWhite, 8-10mins walk from Beauty World MRT Station. FlagWhite is just opposite Bukit Timah Community Club.

Can you imagine like some other cafes charging you more than $12? This will be definitely a must order of sides at FlagWhite, Truffle Fries only S$8.

Brunch-All-Day can be play around depending what egg, sides and bread of your choice.

I love how hipster of beverages they serve in ice. All beverages with ice like coffee, Mocha will be $1 added. And they have amazing fresh Avocado Banana Smoothie as well.

Crunchy sensation bites of the Fresh Mixed Salad can wash off the heaviness palettes of sinful food, only S$6.

BBQ Cranberry Ribs comes with Sweet potato Fries were also amazing wish there were more cranberry sauce!

A Vegetarian choice, the Vegetable Lasagna has the powerhouse triple mix cheese will even turn vege haters on! Try this and you will start eating vegetables again.

Always safe choice to pick the FlagWhite Signature Burger, great amount of everything in a burger you are looking for.

Panko Breaded Fish and chips can be shared among, it's pretty huge.

Lastly, you got to try their signature cakes like the Earl Grey Chocolate Tart S$7, was not so sweet and completes your chocolate cravings if you had one. Double Cheesecake S$7 and 1 of the bomb the Attap Chee Rose Cheesecake S$8, another great venture of new flavor exposed.

106 Jln Jurong Kechil, Singapore 598604

Sat-Sun: 9am–9pm
(*Closed on Tuesday)

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